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Once the panels are assembled, sand the edges smooth to prepare for the iron-on veneer edging (Photo 3). Use a household iron to attach the veneer -- the strips of wood veneer have glue on one side that melts when heated.
When the stain dries, apply two coats of satin or semigloss polyurethane following the manufacturer's instructions and allow it to cure for 24 hours. Install the four threaded inserts into the bottom face of the bottom assembly (Project Diagram, Drawing 1). Move the cabinet so it overhangs your work surface, and then thread the feet into the threaded inserts on the bottom of the assembled cabinet. Invest in a drill bit set that allows you to drill pilot holes in the right sizes for your screws. If you forget the pilot hole or drive a screw too quickly, a power screwdriver can spin its bit fast enough to strip away the cross shape in a Phillips-head screw. You could fill holes left by broken screws with a dowel, but the end grain of the dowel won’t match the face grain of the surrounding wood. Insert the smooth plug end into the hole with the grain of the plug parallel with the grain of the wood and tap the plug in place with a hammer.

Check out these plans for a complementary set of outdoor tables that are just as easy to build.
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The threaded inserts we used are normally driven with a screwdriver, but this can be tricky.
The bolt helps guide the angle of the fastener so it's seated straight into the wood (Photo 8). Let us know what you think of the project in our comments section below or share the results of your own project with the Lowe's community. Common drywall screws, for example, may be too brittle for longer sizes to penetrate some woods without breaking. Use the tip of a utility knife with a sharp blade to cut away just enough wood around the shank for the locking pliers to gain a firm grip and back out the screw.
A soft cloth placed under the wood keeps the finished pieces from being scratched on the work surface.
Work slowly to avoid snapping off the head.Locking grip pliers sometimes lose their grip, so protect the wood surface underneath by cutting half the width of a small piece of cardboard and sliding the notched halves around the screw.

Adirondack chair plans and dvd – rockler woodworking tools, Simple and easy-to-follow adirondack chair plans will have you building classic adirondack chairs in adult and child sizes in one weekend!. If you cut them any longer, you risk not having enough veneer -- or having to go back to the store for more.
Adirondack chair plans – youtube, Learn how to build wooden adirondack chairs for your lawn or patio with these simple diy plans. Allow the veneer to cool for a few minutes, and then trim it using a backer block and a utility knife.
Fill that hole with a dowel (if the wood won’t show) or, for a seamless match, a wood plug cut from matching stock. Slowly spin the extractor counterclockwise and press down until you feel the extractor threads bite into the screw head.
Turn the extractor slowly to back the screw out of the wood enough to grip it with the locking pliers and finish removing.

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