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Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press.
The traditional Japanese household would store clothing, valuables and household items in its tansu. These fixed rear “drawer faces” need to fit snugly within their openings (nail them into place after finishing), while the real drawer faces require some clearance with the wood that surrounds them so they can move back and forth.
Have any ads in its letterforms as design students more superior woodworking skills on bigger, more challenging furniture.

Don’t follow the materials list dimensions exactly for drawer box parts since normal construction variations on your chest may demand a slightly wider or narrower drawer size. Repeat the process for upper level B, completing the stationary lower section of the chest. So when I decided to build a step tansu, the obvious choice was maple, despite the fact that these chests were traditionally built from Japanese cypress, cedar or elm. This project works quite well as an efficient storage piece under an open staircase or next to a closed set of stairs, playing up their shape.

Since the chest sits directly on the floor, there’s no room to tilt the bottom drawers to get to the contents at the back. Once I’m happy with drawer face locations, I lock the parts in place with two #6 one inch countersunk screws driven through each drawer face where the handle will be located.

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