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The fence's guide tube has an integrated measuring tape, so you have to take care to make sure that it lines up properly. Haven't put my fence on yet but it seems to be much beefier and by the comments more accurate repeatability.
I am trying to install my new Delta T2 fence on my craftsman table saw and it is a 113.226880 I have owned for a lot of years.
As I have it set up, the rails are only bolted to the main table top and not the extensions, so it would work.

Then I found I had reversed the rail when I marked the zero spot so I had to redrill the rail to match the holes I had drilled in the saw since the holes in the rail lined up with the castings on the saw table.
I would like to download your info on the Craftsman saw and fence conversion if it's available. When I lay the fence on the saw table the fence doesn't even come close to fitting the back rail.
I lined up and used one existing hole on the table with the front rail and drilled the next two.

10 mins for the front of the table (front rail) and 10 mins for the back of the table (rear rail) and I was done. The saw in this instructable is a Craftsman 113.298762, but this process should apply to most other Craftsman table saws.

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