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Gorilla glue is one of the most difficult glues to remove, as it cures quickly and strongly.
Lip gloss, lip balm, petroleum jelly (Vaseline), nonstick cooking spray, or oil-based makeup removers are additional options. This method may sting if the gorilla glue or exfoliation has caused dry, cracked, or torn skin.
Keep your hands moisturized with lotion during this wait, as gorilla glue can cause dry or cracked skin. Store a box of disposable gloves next to your gorilla glue to jog your memory during the next craft project.

Exfoliation and oil are the key to removing it once it dries, but it may not be 100% successful. Use a blunt butter knife or your fingernails to scrape away at the edge of the glue, while it is still oily.
Some people report success when rubbing slices of lemon or lime on the glue, or rubbing with a citrus oil or skin-safe citrus-based cleaner. The glue will wear off along with your regular skin replacement, with the stain fading completely in about four or five days. Gorilla glue hardens when in contact with water, so this won't be 100% successful unless you catch the glue immediately.

Stronger gorilla glue products or glue that has had time to fully cure may need to be left to slough off on its own, but this should not cause harm as a one-time occurrence. Attempt this for several minutes, then move on if the glue shows no sign of balling up or peeling off.

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