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Furniture makers are starting to use CNC units as artistic tools to create textured panels and intricately sculpted furniture parts. It is important to remember also that unless you are in production shop a CNC is not a time saver. Blue_Enamel is like many others who have commented negatively who fail to see that there a number of processes in the design, material choice, material machining, assembly, finishing and marketing of any consumer good, of which high-end furniture is just one very small part.
Many in this discussion who have found fault with the presence of a CNC machine in the shop seem to aggregate a number of issues together under this topic, much like Blue Enamel. Today’s desktop CNC routers can accurately cut multiple parts and can cut decorative carving.
Someday we will run out of all the lumber that we all love so much and will be forced to make our furniture out of a lesser variety and these inexperienced CNC operator that think they are Norm on speed are gonna make it happen so much sooner.Lumber is meant to be respected as the living thing that it once was.

I have found that it ties other aspects I enjoy together, designing something, using a CAD program, thinking about what I need to do and how I can accomplish it with the CNC, power tools and hand tools. A CNC machine, of whatever variety, generally a 3-axis router, is nothing more that a method of controlling a power tool that has chisels on a wheel or a rod.
How to use a CNC router to make a weather station, including a pattern and the .tap files necessary for setting up your CNC machine. It is hard for a small custom shop to justify the cost for a custom piece when there is so much 2nd rate, mass produced, work out there.
You can also equip these CNC machines with a tool that allows you put a completed part onto the bed and read every bump, every nook, and every cranny. Our very own Patrick McCombe sparked some interesting comments with his December 2009 blog, Are CNC Machines Ready for Fine Woodworking.

The CNC machine is just a primitive robot designed to do a lot of repetitive tasks easy and precise. Actually I am rather puzzled by the prices on some of the CNC put together melamine stuff out there.

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