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Wood is the friendliest construction material, found in abundance and possessing countless qualities. New domestic housing in many parts of the world today is commonly of timber-framed construction.
First, it is important we explain that, above all, wooden houses have many advantages over other traditional homes, such as durability, elasticity, efficiency, thermal insulation, fireproof, earthquake resistant, low price and, since it is an ecological material, has many positive effects on the human health. The first example in the small wooden house design ideas is a small one-story house whose simple plan means a cheap and fast construction. The loft of the house can be used a storage space while an extension of the roof can get the owners extra storage space for the gardening equipment. The second model is a low budget wooden summer cottage which comes in three sizes: 16, 20 and 24 square meters. The last example among the small wooden house design ideas is a home for people always on the move.

Used since immemorial times, wood is in the era of technology still the material of choice in building homes. In buildings made of other materials, wood is still found as a supporting material, especially in roof construction and interior doors and their frames and exterior cladding. Its designers say this holiday retreat goes well with people young at heart who want a space of privacy by the lake side.
The home owner liked to stay the shell and entirely refurbish the interior design, rather than split down and start new.
Although plastics and other materials have replaced wood in many applications, the qualities that wood brings cannot be wholly reproduced. Wooden tree house design usually for meditations and relax our body in, characteristic a thoughtful breathing space for family of all ages excluding its furthermore relaxed for adults. The home was originally designed by Julie Martin, a New Orleans resident who lost her home in hurricane Katrina.

The lower level of the house was moreover delighted with the replacement of a light blocking rockery through a water feature that flows down a two story concrete maintaining wall into a pool.
The artistic tiny tree home design is very perfect for couple because it can make a romantic feel in evening or in the morning. Here it is best sample modern concrete and steel home interior design pictures with luxury house decorating styles. And, here it is the best of small contemporary artistic wooden tiny tree house design pictures for your own home design ideas inspiration.

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