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This is functional home furniture, but can be useful for the dining table, but also for home bar area.
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We can stylish renovation for accessories and furniture such as convertible table for any modern space. It’s new and fresh design of functional furniture that is suitable for small or large space.

But do not think enough up there, this dining table can also be expanded to accommodate more persons. Christine Starkenburg has created a coffee table for Andaacht Studion, that you can use for every room in your house.
In a brilliant idea, the table for the solution of the beautiful modern furniture is finished.
This counter height dining table from Broyhill Furniture, with the warm pine finish, made with considering the convenience, especially with the coordination of counter stool.

Convertible Coffee Table Design concept architecture, modern house design, landscape improvement bodew. Long version of it can talk in small wooden table for a little while to make drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

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