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With the explicit stylistic references to the 18th century French cabinetry tradition coupled with modern materials and multitude of sizes and finishes, these side tables will sure find their place in some eclectic homes. Made from powder-coated steel and acrylic glass, these super functional and uber elegant modern side tables are available in white, silver and black as much as bright tones of orange and green to satisfy every taste. In these products where minimalistic design meets practical elegance, the highlight and brilliancy lies in the folding tablet they both feature, doubling their surface area when needed.

An article of multi transformations which from simple beside table becomes lamp, bottle holder or even pouf. Otherwise we only need a small useful table to place the coffee cup on and the magazines or maybe the vase of flowers or some other small items we might need. Divo side table is the perfect illustration of my words, as it is both modern and small, decorative and functional.View in galleryIt is designed by Rodolfo Doldoni and is manufactured by Minotti.

It is made of big black-nickel finished discs that were laser cut and after that welded in an original manner, looking like a chain from the side.View in galleryThe table top is also a disc and so is the support.

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