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If you've been using SketchUp to model your woodworking projects, you've probably gone through the exercise of drawing in dovetail joints. There's likely to be an update to the plugin over the weekend but even so, it's definitely a plugin that a woodworker can use. I imagine with a little thought and some more coding, the plugin could also do the push-pulling for you.
Since I want to use the same joint on all four corners I copied the lines with the Move tool and placed it at the corner of the box.
DaveRichards writes: I have not heard anything from Tim since shortly after I made this blog post so I have no idea if the plugin is still available. DaveRichards writes: smaher, the plugin draws the layout of the dovetail joint working up from the origin.

Note that I ran the plugin outside the components and then copied it into the components to actually cut the joints. Learn the art and science of designing furniture in SketchUp with Fine Woodworking's official blog. Normally I also start my models at the origin as well but because this plugin does the same thing, it's a good idea to move the rest of the model down the red axis a bit. The pairs of sides are instances of the same components and I've flipped one copy of each the the outside faces are properly oriented all the way around.
I also copied the lines to the opposite end of the long side and flipped them so they were oriented correctly. Simply select the three segments you want to move and use the Move tool to place them as needed.

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The dialog box will accept entry in decimal or fractional units and the angle can be entered as a ratio, i.e.
You could also make variable width pins by selecting only the angled edges and moving them. I haven't heard from the author since I posted this blog entry and it doesn't appear that there's an updated version so decimal entries it'll have to be.

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