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The Free Trebuchet Plan - this plan shows the layout and design of the Little Dragon Trebuchett. One big factor in the efficiency of the trebuchet is the location of the pivot point on the swing arm.
If you came to this webpage directly from a link or a search engine: This Trebuchet plan is the plan that accompanies the tutorial on how to make a trebuchet. I have also put a larger version of this trebuchet plan on a clean webpage so you can easily print it out.
The Art of the Catapult: Build Greek Ballistae, Roman Onagers, English Trebuchets, and More Ancient Artillery - Nice book that shows you how to build ten different catapult projects, moderate wood working and pvc piping kind of stuff.
The Miniature Trebuchet - The trebuchet was the ultimate artillery weapon of the medieval period and early renaissance. A Trebuchet (pronounced treb-oo-shay)  is a medieval siege engine that transfers gravitational energy into kinetic energy – similar to a playground see-saw.  In ancient times, it was used to launch (throw) projectiles including boulders, dead horses, and diseased bodies into or over castle walls to soften the defenses in preparation for invasion.
On one end of the trebuchet is a projectile you want to fire and on the other end is a counterweight that falls quickly to raise the throwing arm. The glide track (or glide board) is the surface upon which the swing harness slides after the trebuchet trigger is activated.  The glide track may have raised or curved sides to guide the swing harness rig along the correct path.
Making the arm longer in order to increase leverage is not desirable since our primary goal is to enable the counterweight to swing through quickly.
The counterweight should be 75 to 100 times the weight of the projectile.  Never “dry fire” the trebuchet – always load a projectile to balance the firing mechanism.

The sling harness must be designed to release the projectile when it reaches the precipice of the launch path.  There are many “release prong” (or release hook or release pin) designs and may be as simple as end of the sling rope permanently attached to the long end of the swing arm lever and the other end looped over a release prong (or hook) protruding from the end of the swing arm lever.
Some sling release designs utilize a “slot” in which a knotted rope is placed (the rope slides out of the slot to release the sling).  This is not as efficient but may be used if you do not have the materials required to construct a hooked release prong. Below is a design for a very complex, but very safe, trigger mechanism (image courtesy To attain the optimal transfer of energy, the counterweight should be allowed to fall as vertically as possible to gain the most momentum.  Wheels under the trebuchet actually help the weight fall straight down by shifting the mechanism forward as the weight falls. Below is a photo montage of a basic trebuchet design.  The second photo montage demonstrates a more complicated design, closer to the design used in medieval trebuchet designs. By the next week I had searched the web and discovered several sites with information on trebuchets.
It is an easy to make Trebuchet with one moving part and is powered by a simple counterweight and has a base that is twelve inches (12") in length. The free plans for this project recommend you drill several holes so you can experiment with this factor. The tutorial takes you through all the steps, complete with lots of pictures, on how to make the Little Dragon Trebuchet. In many designs, the counterweight is simply a hopper that is filled with heavy objects (dirt was commonly used in ancient times). Two 20-oz pop bottles filled with lead shot as the counterweight and a foam planet ball-thing as the projectile, purchased specifically to be hurled.

There were very few places inside the science center with enough overhead clearance for a decent throw. Take charge and besiege your opponents with a fully functional, genuine trebuchet for your desk! When you release this counterweight and allow it to fall the trebuchet pivots on the fulcrum and the other end (with the projectile) receives the energy. Some trebuchet designs incorporate mechanisms, such as dual pulleys, to assist with locking the heavy counterweight into the firing position. Designed by master trebuchet expert Ron Toms, this machine is ideal for the student on a budget or as a wonderful display piece for any desktop or bookshelf of any history enthusiast. The professionally designed kit and fully detailed instructions - 10 pages of descriptions and tips, with of photos of every step - makes assembly a breeze. The only thing you'll need to supply are 64 pennies for counterweight and a few simple tools - Scissors, a ruler, a utility knife, wood glue and a few rubber bands to hold the pieces together while the glue dries.

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