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This Simmons Sea Skiff 22 was built for sea duck hunting for Jim Hunt and world reknown wildlife artist Keith Mueller. Was the highside model literally an additional plank,and has anyone got a reliable weight estimate for this model. This is one of the oldest Simmons 20 thats just been found, stored in an open barn with an engine on it.
I tried to get the 12 done but that was such a struggle that the only plans for that one is sitting on a scrap piece of luan in the corner of the shop with red dust on them. As of late short of the hodge podge guys that still mess with the boats, the program is on its last legs with Dave laying in the nursing home. The difference with the Simmons is that it acts like a dory hull, sit down and carry one and it will too carry a decent load pertaining to the rails in open water even though the deck space lacks when comparing the boat to another conventional runabout say in 20 foot. What size is that boat in the above pictures,the floors look quite deep,and that has to be a lot lighter than all the bottom frames in the traditional build i would have thought. So you can also use some of the space for storage if you wish and do the same depending on size boat.
I will now add he 20 built without the top planking for a great comparison for anyone that has been following the topic but a bit confused with the descriptions. I have to confess,theres a 22HS for sale,and if i could get a cheap shipment to europe,it would be a tempting buy,it has all the right qualities to make a good North Sea boat. Anyway,thanks for all the info,should he decide on the Simmons i shall be sure to let you know.
The Simmons Sea Skiff was originated in the late 1940's by a North Carolina furniture maker, T.

The Old Wharf Dory Company, another professional builder of this boat on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, offers plans for sale in building this boat using modern composite construction methods. Try building a solid mahogany transom of one inch stock four feet high and six foot plus or minus beam, as he did in the original boats versus what many people do in the new builds these days.
This is also one of the few true cedar planked hulls still alive with no rot, clinchnailed, ready for some cleanup.
Nelson Silva boats were short lived as he passed away early just after he had begun to get up to speed on reproducing them as semi kits and as updated hulls at that time, foam in deck and glass decks for the unusually large crown foward that does challenge the average builder.
Frankly its probably a better system for novices to take care of in the new modern era of boat ownership.
I used it as an example to show the alternative method that I described even though the boat is bigger. It actually tapers down foward to a tiny width while only raising the midrange section when you use the additional top plank on the 20 plans. The 18s could be as little as 200 lbs depending on the materials and how you finish the boat off.
The original highsides weighs easily seven hundred pounds if you build the boat with quality materials and build it as an original hull. While there are several versions of the interior arrangement, basic seat thwarts or middle walkthrough seating was geniune Simmons arrangment. Of course thats places that bees and spiders hide too when the boat sits idle for months and even a year at a time too. But with most of these boats now stored on trailers, I am not sure that its really worth the extra, extra, extra work to build with that method.

But you do have the advantage of the wider bottom in those plans versus the normal 20 lowside that I provided earlier.
The drawn plans were taken from a foward well position with the net boards across the transom area and behind the engine mounted in the well.
Simmons eventually stopped building the boats, shifting his focus back to furniture making. But the chine plank is drawn and so your chines can be adjusted to it creating the bottom shape.
But for sure they are not quick hulls in open water even though almost all of the designs these days of the established ones will carry some serious load by comparison to just a straight vee hull boat of the same length. Now with the lack of vee bottom its not a boat that you want to run 30 mpg downwind and sea though, because they will scare the person thats not use to power dories.
We recommend that if you want a low-sided 20, you buy the Sea-Skiff 20 plans and build it without the top side plank. Every single Simmons these days or at least the ones that I personally know of have been changed in the well area because of the wide variety of engines and their sizes from the original two strokes, especially. Other than the initial setup, a skilsaw and grinder will basically build the boat using modern glues.

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