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The SuperShop is like a Shopsmith on steroids--bigger, heavier, spring assisted lift into the drill press configuration, rack and pinion movement of the head and table, R8 collet tool holders, and electronic speed control over a much wider range (on the low end) than the Shopsmith. Yes, there have been several Shopsmith clones or knock-offs, but in this section we've got a genuinely original combination woodworking tool which was inspired by the lathe-based Shopsmith design. The light weight of the Shopsmith would cause problems if you turned large or off balance work. After tiring of the endless setups and tear downs and increased disappointment in the inadequate table saw and lathe components, I tried selling my Shopsmith a few years after purchasing it.
I take exception to statements that top quality woodworking and cabinetry can't be produced using a Shopsmith.
I would also like to comment in reply to your comments about aluminum work contact surfaces for woodworking tools. Our 10-In-1 Woodworking Machine does the job of seven woodworking machines and three metal working machines. You have to perform periodic preventive maintenance if you want to keep the Shopsmith running smoothly. I have a neighbor who built a High-Boy Chest of Drawers with arched moldings, etc, using the Shopsmith.
I have been on this d-group for over 3 years and I never see a post like " Problem with my Shopsmith". In short if you have the room and know woodworking will be your hobby for a long time, get stand-alone tools if not go for the Shopsmith. I taught myself woodworking on the Shopsmith and learned to cut all my wood, then change over and drill my holes etc….

Another thing to think about when Shopsmith upgrades its tools they always make it so you can upgrade your older tool to the new model. Lookout for another good might Shopsmith Woodworking System want to know and do earlier than you dive speed up giant tasks.
The Shopsmith people will lead you to believe that you can change from one tool setup to another in a matter of seconds. Consequently, I strongly recommend that woodworkers consider buying conventional tools rather than a Shopsmith. I purchased my Shopsmith new in 1989 and have used it ever since to build a house full of furniture for others and myself. I know my uncle has a ShopSmith since space is at a premium where he lives and he still manages to finish a lot of projects. Because of its light weight and excellent casters, you can easily move the Shopsmith around and lock it into place. I have a friend who made furniture in a single bedroom of his two bedroom apartment using just a Shopsmith.
To make my matters worse, I ended up paying for my Shopsmith a "second time" as part of a divorce settlement. I have been using my Shopsmith for about 12 years now and find it to be an extremely versatile tool.
Bryan Corley shared these pictures of this great tool cabinet he designed and built for his Shopsmith.
When I asked him what was so bad he told me what a pita it was to change over to another machine everytime he wanted to do something other than what was its current use.But as he got older and had to move into smaller working quarters it made sense to him and he still tinkered around with woodworking till late in his yrs.

Of course, if you have had the opportunity to use a Shopsmith and know it's for you, go ahead and buy it new. Another friend used to build high-end, commissioned furniture using a Shopsmith until he could afford better equipment.
Also, you cannot use the standard Shopsmith fence with the drill press or any other operation. I used to own an older model 10ER Shopsmith.I paid $100 for it and sold it about 10 years later for $100. Like you, I plan on keeping my Shopsmith for use as a drill press and horizontal boring machine, sanding center and lathe, although occasionally it also still gets use as a saw. Support is incredible, but they definitely lean towards the home shop user, which is fine for 95% of all Shopsmith users. Powering on the Shopsmith in any other speed position is not recommended and can lead to premature failure of the unit.
It is a bit pricey, but I believe this new accessory is a must for anyone doing "serious" turning on the Shopsmith. As a lathe, besides the deficiencies you mentioned, there is the risk of vibration, due to relatively low mass of the Shopsmith, and lack of rigidity of its frame and components. When all is said and done, the Shopsmith is one of my favorite tools and one of my least favorite tools.

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