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The wood art of segmented wood turning is captivating as 90% of the work is spent in designing, dimensioning material, cutting, fitting, and gluing. My first bowl of segmented  woodturning was a fruit bowl made of beautiful black walnut, cherry, and white oak. Before I cut the staves for segmented woodturning, I always practiced making the angled cuts on the 10″ compound miter saw. As a wood turner I look back on this segmented woodturning project and remember this moment of learning this woodcraft. Now there are not any formal plans on this design, but this blog will give you the Segmented Bowl Press Parts List, with photo, video, and explanation of this device.

Besides standard shop equipment, click here for the Segmented Press Parts List to build this press.
The entire woodturning process is fascinating yet it is critically important to get all of the joints aligning properly for a good tight fit. The process of segmented wood turning is almost like playing chess where it helps to think a couple moves ahead. On the cover of this magazine was a unique segmented woodturning sculpture by a very talented segmented woodturner, Malcom Tibbets.
Moreover, the making of these segmented bowls requires total attention to detail along with a commitment to accuracy from start to finish.

This was the time that I decided to sharpen my woodturning gouges and prepare myself to tackle segmented woodturning. This was wood art that was quite extraordinary and it was easy to see that Malcolm was pushing the boundaries of woodturning.

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