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The special ingredients used in the manufacture of Danish Oil penetrate deep into all types of timber, drying to a hard, durable and water resistant seal.
After processing the oil is blended with synthetic resins to improve hardness, and other vegetable oils. We can cater for bulk orders if required, please contact us for further details, Customer Service Tel: 01502 717788. Suitable for use on interior work, it contains wax and dries to a velvety flat matt finish. Rustins Wood Hardener is a solvent-based moisture-curing polymer solution designed to penetrate deeply and harden rotten or decayed wood.
Rustins new formula Strypit is a non-caustic dichloromethane-free gel suitable for removing multiple coats of paints and varnishes applied to wood, metal, glass, stone and masonry surfaces. Rustins Poly Foam Brushes are an alternative to bristle brushes, the poly brush is ideal for paint,wood dyes, oils and varnish. Sooner or later i seem to post this on every forum i go to, so lets get it here too.This is my method for oil finishes arrived at over years of experimenting and adding extra stages. Once fully dried, it strengthens and reinforces the deteriorated wood to support the use of wood filler and provide a seal against further moisture penetration. Quick and easy to use and clean, they leave no brush marks, and are suitable for both water and oil based products. Amount of mineral oil on the loaded finish - Quailty rustins danish oil for wood Prefinished Hardwood Stairs & Railings.Clear Coat. Danish oil contains tung oil and other ingredients which penetrate deep into all types of timber, drying to a hard, durable and water restistant seal.
Rustins Danish Oil is a blend of oils (incuding Tung Oil), resins and driers, formulated to produce an attractive and durable finish. Brings out the natural beauty of wood and veneered surfaces, gives a natural open-grained low lustre finish. Apply liberally with a clean rag or brush and wipe off the surplus oil after a few minutes. Exterior wood will require re-oiling at least annually; horizontal surfaces and very exposed locations may require more frequent attention.

With an easy to use wipe on finish, Rustins Danish Oil brings out the beauty of the timber and gives a natural, open-grained, low-lustre finish. Rustins Danish Oil is a special blend based on Tung Oil which is processed and mixed with other vegetable oils and resins to increase the hardness. Usages: Ideal for all interior and exterior bare wood, doors, joinery, garden and indoor furniture. Application: Apply Rustins Danish Oil generously with a clean cloth or a Mako Woodcare Brush, making sure to remove surplus oil after a few minutes. Rustins original Danish Oil has now been joined by two NEW quick drying, low odour products. As it is a hard drying oil, it may be used as a primer or sealer on bare wood before applying other finishes, if required. Rustins Quick Dry Chalky Finish Paint is designed to revive and give your furniture a new lease of life. Get the shabby chic look by painting your furniture with multiple coats then distressing it by lightly sanding down small areas using fine sandpaper or Rustins 0000 Steel Wool.
Textured Decking Oil contains agents to improve the slip resistance in wet and dry conditions on exterior timber decking and timber walkways. For instance, oily hardwoods tend to be more resistant than softwoods and oak which may need more attention. It is waterproof and suitable for interior and exterior applicationd and is excellent for use on edges. The oil wipes off but the process will help polish the plastic tooOil finishes need a bit more care than other finishes.
The oil primes, seals and finishes all woods, including interior oak, teak mahogany, pine and all veneered surfaces.
On exterior wood, the first coat should be applied liberally with a brush and allowed to dry without wiping.
Oak and softwoods are prone to wheather staining caused by moisture activating mould spores present naturally in the wood. It can be mixed upto a ratio of 5:1 with Rustins Wood Dye to to produce a wide range of tinted oils.

On all exterior wood, Rustins Danish Oil should be applied liberally with a brush and allowed to dry without wiping excess. Rustins Outdoor Danish Oil has enhanced UV properties and Rustins Worktop Oil is a new worktop treatment that is also water resistant and food safety approved. Absolutely no skill is required for application, it does not have to be brushed out in the same way as a varnish.
New formula Strypit works best when applied liberally and allowed to penetrate after two applications.
The oil dries quickly in 4 to 6 hours, depending on ambient temperature and humidity, producing a non tacky surface. Nibs may be removed from the final coat by applying oil with a scouring pad, rubbing in the direction of the grain, then wiping away the surplus with clean rags or paper kitchen towels.
For an outstanding finish the last coat of Danish Oil may be applied by rubbing over the surface with fine steel wool 000 grade, or a scouring pad, such as Scotchbrite. The durability on exterior woodwork can be improved by diluting Danish Oil with equal parts of White Spirit for the first application.
It contains UV absorbers and biocide to protect the oil from mould and will allow the natural beauty of the wood to show through. Excellent for use on all turned work including wooden handles of kitchen equipment and tops of storage jars.
Rustins Wood Hardener extends the life of rotted wood, therefore being a cost effective alternative to wood replacement. On stripping the bannister I find some really lovely grained wood Each of my daughters (3 of them) independantly commented on the wood and could I leave unpainted.

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