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Birch is a great impostor because its figure patterns closely resemble those in cherry, mahogany and walnut. Baltic birch veneer is produced in the United States, but the highest quality veneer for this type of tree is actually produced in Finland and Russia. Russian birch plywood is considered to be just a few steps behind Finland birch in quality, because you will rarely find Russian birch plywood with two perfectly clean faces. This disparity cannot be attributed to quality milling; instead, it reflects the fact that the Baltic birch is indigenous to the northern Baltic regions and is generally healthier in that area. An understanding of plywood grades and composition of this unique type of plywood will show why Baltic birch should be considered amongst the finest types of plywood.
Your lumber supplier should be able to point you in the right direction if you decide to use Baltic birch plywood. Decorative is usually faced with hardwood, including red oak, birch, maple, lauan (Philippine mahogany) and a large number of other hardwoods.
Baltic birch plywood is unique because of it's entirely birch veneer nitty-gritty that's cross banded and laminated with exterior grade glue making for russian birch plywood is ampere multi supply structurally sound.
With manufacturing quality and mechanical characteristics on par with the birch plywood from Finland, Richwise Australia's premium Russian birch plywood is very competitively priced – making it an affordable choice for any application where appearance and superior mechanical characteristics are of primary importance. Available in the variety of glues, finishes, surface grades and sizes, our premium Russian birch plywood is very well known throughout Europe, North and South America and becoming increasingly popular in Australia and New Zealand. Featuring wide range of international certifications including ISO 9001, FSC COC and CARB Ph2, the premium Russian birch plywood is widely used in construction and packaging.

Already successfully tested in the local manufacturing conditions, the premium Russian birch plywood are now imported into Australian and New Zealand by Richwise Australia Pty Ltd. Premium interior birch plywood is easy to handle and perfect for use in detail and trim work. Premium exterior birch plywood maintains its performance characteristics under conditions of high humidity and does not deform or soak. Richwise Australia – importer of premium standard and film-faced Russian birch plywood for flooring, roofing, interior walls, furniture application and formwork. We stock a wide range of structural and non-structural Plywood for use in construction, furniture, shopfitting, packaging, vehicle manufacturing and other specialist applications.
Using Baltic birch plywood in your projects is a great way to avoid common problems like surface collapse, since this plywood is virtually free of voids on the inner plies.
We are indulged in providing to our clients a huge range of high quality Birch Plywoods, which are processed under the supervision of our highly experienced professionals. This means that the wood used to create the birch veneer in these countries is less prone to wood bugs and other ailments that can befall Baltic birch trees in more temperate climates. Other types are fire retardant, moisture resistant, marine grade, sign grade, pressure treated, hardwood and softwood plywoods.
This lack of voids gives Baltic birch tremendous strength, and also presents a very attractive side profile without the gaps and voids common in many other types of plywood. What sets the veneer from these countries apart is the consistency of surface; Baltic birch veneer from Finland and Russia is virtually free of gaps and voids.

Not like mdo plywood, Finland birch plywood is considered the highest quality, because it will have both faces entirely free of patches or plugs. Still, Russian birch has layers of veneer that are void-free, which makes it perfect for scroll saw cuts.
Birken woodwind is suitable for veneer and birch plywood is among the strongest and most Birch seaman or Russian rock oil extracted from birch bark is thermoplastic and. Definition We offer birchen plywood from USSR Esthonia and Finland which is known for its warm lite colour excellent strength strength and affordable.
While Baltic birch plywood may be a bit harder to find than other types of plywood, it can be well worth the effort for many different projects. RUSSIAN BIRCH grown Hoosier State extremely continental climate possesses excellent strength russian birch plywood home depot properties with beautiful white fibre which makes Russian plywood far. Plywood is made by assembling number of veneers in defined pattern to get uniform strength in different directions.

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