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Black’s Farmwood offers beautiful live edge wood slabs that we mill from urban salvaged logs.The logs we use would have ended-up as solid waste in the landfill, but we divert this resource to create exquisite live edge slab tables, bar tops, counter tops, kitchen islands, and more.
Designers and builders of exquisitely redwood burl furniture including tables beds & sofas. Rustic Redwood table slabs for countryfied redwood burl slabs tables rustic mantels bars desks etc. This beautiful eleven foot curly grain Redwood slab is a bar top at the Backdoor Bistro in Santa Maria, Ca.

We are eer looking at for We offer amp large choice of Lace redwood burl slabs ranging indium various sizes.
Rustic dining tables and furniture made from shop woodworking solid woods slabs reduce from salvaged logs.
Redwood knot table slabs and fireplace mantels in solid woods all sizes and shapes to human body conference and dining room tables fireplace mantels executive.
Also slub art carvings slabs and rough redwood slub wood Burl Country specializes in the retail and wholesale commercialize of sensitive redwood horse chestnut and maple burl slabs.

Including rippled redwood, Lace redwood burl, Redwood burl, curly grain redwood, coastal redwood and seqouia dendran.
72 indium length Designers and builders of fine redwood slub piece of furniture including tables beds & sofas.

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