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WoodenBoat Magazine, Professional BoatBuilder Magazine, Small Boats Magazine, Small Boats Monthly. With a constant arctic blast for the rest of February, we were getting quite excited about the first Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association (TSACBA) club workshop of the year, happening on March 7th. During the restoration, MISS TIMEX will still be making show appearances as a display to further promote the wooden boat restoration and excitement in vintage hydroplanes. However I believe it would be a happier time up there if not for all the white stuff that you guys and been under.
Chris tells me the RASCAL was his first build and what started him down this oh, so familiar path of wooden boat addiction.
The boat is going to be very different this time as i have learned a lot in 15 years and Rich is way better builder then I. The boat has a 4-stroke 60 hp Mercury engine, and it was used extensively on Lake Muskoka, Ontario. A fussy little boat to build but with patience and determination you can build one of these marvelous two seaters for yourself.
The entire boat is built of Honduran Mahogany with holly as an accent between the planks on the deck. This weekend we lost an hour of winter and my fingers are thawing out just enough, to let the Woody Boater community know that things in the Great White North have been warmer than absolute zero.
Attending the workshop and of special interest to me was fellow Woody Boater Randy Milligan.

When Randy gets her into an operational state she will definitely be a hit on the vintage race boat circuit! On Saturday Sean attended a Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association (TSACBA) club workshop in Havelock, Ontario and also stopped in to a few local boat shops, and a classic eatery along the way. But, now (14 years later) she’s in for a facelift and if you have ever seen Rich’s work well, let me tell you… it’s impressive.
Even for hardy Canadians in the heart of a true four-season climate, this winter has been a long and difficult one. The boat has just completed its long journey from Washington State to Ontario and has begun an extensive restoration. Sure, in early January there were signs of life at the Toronto International Boat Show (covered here on Woody Boater). Inspired to join up with Woody Boaters through contact with fellow Woody Boaters Murray Parnell and John Gullick – Ronny has his roots in wooden boats through those made by his father. In the shop, Rich has been giving some attention to the Bullen’s boathouse sibling to RIOT (their beautiful CLARION Gold CUP 25). Randy is partially funding this 100K + restoration project through sponsorship, donations and the sale of apparel (cool Miss Timex U-75 hats).
Starting this week the thermometer is supposed to be on the “plus” side of the freezing point in this neck of the woods so, spirits are high (with some heading to Lake Dora) and many of us Canadians stepping up our boating activities wherever we are.
Also thanks to the Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association for their ongoing dedication to the hobby.

West Michigan also saw above freezing temps over the weekend, for the first time since January! Like that Rascal,, now I don’t feel so bad about the length of time my project has taken, started mind in 2000 also.
Used Power boat Rascal 16 for sale named MISS STELLA, located in New Haven County,CT,United States, founded in 2012 and disigned by KEN BASSETT. TODAY WE ARE MAKING A QUICK TRIP up to the Great White North (Ontario, Canada) with fellow Woody Boater Sean Conroy. Further compounded by a disastrous season from the Toronto Maple Leafs, many of us can’t wait to get Woody Boatin’ no matter what the weather! We are planning to have the Rascal completed in time for her re-launch at the 2015 Toronto Chapter ACBS show in Gravenhurst in early July. Randy is a wood boat enthusiast but, more so a vintage hydroplane aficionado who has recently purchased MISS TIMEX (U-75) from THE LEGENDARY Bill Muncey.

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