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This science experiment, designed for upper elementary students by the creators of Cool-Science-Projects, is perfect for those interested in plant biology, or botany. For those elementary students interested in botany, this cool experiment from Plants for Kids is a great way to discover and study the effects of phototropism - i.e.
While it may seem to the naked eye that the air we breathe is clean and clear, the reality is, whether they're tiny particles or in gas form, most air pollutants are invisible. If you have a student who's interested in botany, here is a fun science fair project that explores how light color affects photosynthesis in plants.

In a similar vein to Wong's award-winning project, Nathaniel and his friends, fans of the racing world, wondered how car design affects aerodynamics and therefore speed. Most of you have learned in life science or through experience that there are two main types of aquatic environments - saltwater and freshwater.
If you're interested in finding out the psychology behind color and food, this project is for you!
Fifth grade student, Minal Aundhia, did and decided to experiment with the concept for her science fair entry.

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