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The I used silicone adhesive on the backs of the vertical pieces where they would touch the tub (the tub is curved, so it only touches near the bottom), and then used nails through the vertical piece on each end and into the wood trim on the side walls.
I had to frame a window inside my condo tub and I was able to do it with PVC trim boards and some fiberglass colonial casing. When using hardwoods for the tub surround and decking, your alternatives for the decking material include either tongue-and-groove planks or flooring strips.

Mount the hardwood surround material selected in Build the Frame to the box frame, again using galvanized nails. For a hardwood deck lay a vapor barrier of 4 to 6 mil polyethylene film over the plywood surface, then fasten the pre-finished hardwood plank flooring or tongue-and-groove flooring strips with flooring nails at 8-inch, off-centered intervals.
Looks beautiful, but I was wondering how to remove the panel in case if there are repairs needed under the tub (themechanical enineer inside me). After the plumbing has been roughed in, measure the tub area and build a box frame using pressure-treated, 2" x 4" lumber and rabbet joints (see diagram).

Romance through a Remodelista lens means soaking tubs for two, romantic hotels, (ungirly) pink palettes, and lighting with a softer glow.
Use industrial caulking to seal the tub to the deck surface, making sure that any potential leakage point is properly sealed.

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