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If you’re making a large plywood or MDF case, it can be very awkward to hold the pieces in place when joining them.
If there is one single thing that will make working alone with plywood bearable, it’s a good shop cart, made so it is the same height as your tablesaw. For crosscutting long pieces of plywood by yourself, rig up some kind of support on the left side of your saw. Drywall cart, Plywood cart,Plasterboard Trolley, View Drywall cart, KINGHOOD,OEM Product Details from Qingdao Kinghood Tools Co., Ltd.
Build it from plywood, with strong hinges on the top edge, a track on the lower edge of the folding side, and a semi-circular cutout at the bottom.
It’s also a pain in the posterior when you have to work with big, heavy sheets of plywood, MDF or particleboard.

You can use one cart to support the plywood as it enters the saw and another as it exits, leaving you free to concentrate on keeping the plywood going straight against the fence.
To use this contraption, lift one corner of your plywood, slide it on the track (good side out) and wheel the cart to the front of your tablesaw. The suggested maximum load for a car roof (check your owner’s manual) can be as low as 100 lbs., so it doesn’t take many sheets to max out your car.
A more sure-fire approach is a piece of plywood clamped to a sawhorse at just the right height.
Lift the flip-up side, slide the plywood onto the top of the cart (the semi-circular cutout lets you grasp the bottom edge of the sheet), and you’re ready to feed it into the saw. If you need help holding up one piece of plywood so you can attach the brackets, simply clamp a handscrew to the bottom edge.

No more awkward gyrations trying to carry the plywood, flip it over, and then hold it steady while you try to line it up with the fence. And when you’re not cutting plywood, carts are great for moving parts around the shop, and all sorts of miscellaneous tasks.

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