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Help the gardener in your life prepare for the planting season with a sturdy and versatile potting bench.
I know this is such a simple humble plan, but wanted to get it up before the season is over!
With the arrival of spring, I’ve been thinking that I could use some extra outdoor workspace, so I started drawing up plans for a simple table. I plan on one of these in due course however, due to finance and space constraints an alternative that I have been employing is a collapsable workmate and clamping a wooden board to the top to create a large, flat, easily cleanable potting bench. Some of these might need to be ripped on a table saw for narrow pieces, depending on your board-width calculations.
After assembling the frame, ensure that it?s square by measuring from opposite corners of the top, then adjust accordingly before attaching your top planks.

I need a potting table and still have workers renovating my house who can help me with this… should be easy enough to get done!
Great job with that bracket support on the legs, the pocket hole jig would have held ok, but the brackets will extend the life of the table.
I would like to cover an old dining table in one sheet of metal and I’m not sure how difficult it would be to get nice neat edges. Download the free plan and get step-by-step instructions from our sister Web site: Vegetable Gardener. Using 2 x 3s for the top spans makes for a sturdy table, but if you want it even tougher, just substitute these for some 2 x 4s. Again, if you want a heavier-duty table, you can use thicker planks on all surfaces, as well.

When screwing in the top planks, make sure your screws are about an inch in from the edge to prevent the end of the board from splitting. See, THESE are the plans I knew could exist, not these complicated, difficult-to-read plans you see all over the rest of the internet.

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