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The flowering plants in these window boxes require little or no deadheading and they bloom repeatedly throughout the summer.
I have always loved the charming look of window box planters – especially when they are overflowing with blooms and trailing vines. This easy to moderate window box planter from DIY Network uses custom cut brackets fitted to your siding to support the weight of the box. Add a splash of color to your window sills with these painted wooden window boxes from Popular Mechanic. Better Homes and Gardens provides plans for another window box planter design based off the initial construction of a simple box.
These easy rated flower boxes from Renovate Your World call for naturally weather and insect resistant red cedar and can be completed in just a day. Out of all the plans, I really like this concept from Home Hardware that provides use for the window box year round. If wood working is not your cup of tea, the beauty of flowers on your window sill can still be enjoyed with this simple shelf idea from Southern Living.
And the last two designs are window box alternatives that not only display pretty flowers but also showcase the containers as well. And I just have to share these super cool plant by number recipes from Better Homes and Gardens. Each photo is detailed with the exact plants needed to create a gorgeous window box display – and they even show you where to plant them and how many of each plant you need. The Shady Window Box Plant recommendations can be found {here} and the Sunny Plant recommendations {here}.

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While many catalog window boxes carry a pretty hefty price tag, building your own box planter is a fairly simple project you can do yourself – and save lots in the process. They all include links to the detailed step by step plans – so if you are inspired to build your own, be sure to check them out.
They suggest using Cedar to construct the box which is not only decay-resistant, but affordable as well.
Unlike the other boxes which use brackets, this box is hung using a wooden cleat attached to the exterior wall – from which the box is then secured.
For a decorative touch an arch top opening is cut on the front panel of this planter and backed with exterior plywood.
The simplistic box design is topped with three layers of trim molding and finished with four sets of hand cut corbels.
The two piece construction consists of a planter box as well as a separate tray – which allows for beautiful flowers during the warmer months and a spot for creative displays during the fall and winter. The directions include the calculations to use for cutting the holes – which are suggested to be cut using a circle cutter.

Its potted plantings also bring garden scenes up close and invite flowery perfumes indoors. Consider which rooms you use often enough to warrant flower-edged views, and give thought to plant size and placement, as these window plantings can also be a chance to add privacy. These combinations were designed by gardeners from the Cincinnati, Ohio, area for 2010’s Cincinnati Flower Show.
The site clearly details each step by step instruction along with printable pdf plans – they also have a video as well. Study your home's exterior to see which windows need dressing up and what cues the architecture provides.
Dwarf conifers, for instance, can block unwanted views year-round, while grasses are perfect for light screening.
They're amazingly versatile, especially if you push past a mere gathering of geraniums, as pretty as those can be, for a layered mix with nuance and dimension. Traditional houses, especially, welcome window-box plantings, which play up elements such as shutters and handsome trim.
For boxes below casement windows, tuck in low growers that won't mind being brushed over; for lofty second-story boxes, show off graceful spillers that cascade dramatically. They also grow upright, like the one in this window box, rather than trailing over the side.

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