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1?4 cedar Get eleven 10-footers.Igloo Ice Blue MaxCold 50 cooler with threaded drain plug. Place the cooler in the frame and then mark where the hole will go through the side of the wood surround.
After checking out the description I was all in and decided to get one, specifically for this project. Apply wood glue to the legs, position the slats between the legs, pre-drill two holes on each side of the slats, and screw the slats to the legs.
Cut one front slat to size and dry fit it between the two sides to check the cooler will fit.

You’re gonna build a little shelf on top of the frame so that the lid closes easily and the frame looks a bit nicer. This is a great project for Father’s Day – and perfect for a novice woodworker!
Am trying to teach grandsons use of tools for building small projects, help me do repairs, create some lawn sculptures using their own creativity.
These plans are 100% free and you have the option to donate at the time of download to help support DIY PETE so he can devote more time in creating FREE video tutorials and plans for you.
Add wood glue, pre-drill two holes on each side of the slats and screw them to the legs just like you did with the sides.
So, I got to work and ended up coming up with some easy to follow plans and an awesome new ice chest to have out on the deck!

I left about a half inch of play on each side to make it easy to remove the cooler if needed.
The inner part will protrude from the wood because it is what will allow the cooler to stay in place when the lid goes down. I want to lift the tank off the ground, build insulated housing around it, and be ready for the next power outage! Build a similar cooler with storage underneath and shelves elevated above the lid and use the lid as a work surface.

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