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We like the low to the ground model and the ease in building as there's not too many tricky angles and heavy duty construction to do. You needn't spend a great deal of money or time making DIY outdoor furniture to bring comfort and convenience to your deck, porch, or patio. There are so many exciting DIY outdoor furniture projects on Ana White’s blog, including a simple cedar potting bench. If you’re curious about, but wary of, experimenting with concrete, this trough-style planter would make a terrific starter project.
Clean and simple lines means simple to build, and will be a nice visual relief when contrasted with the organic softness of your beautiful flowers and plants. It's almost as if Spring has sprung early and that means it's almost time to talk about the outdoors — almost.

Shane over at Old Paint Design was kind enough to share this chair project that looks a little bit like models seen at Restoration Hardware (and even uses the same cushions). With the help of my friend Shane today, I am so excited to introduce plans for a more contemporary outdoor lounge chair. But if your deck, porch, or patio is lacking basics like tables and chairs, now is your moment to get busy with DIY outdoor furniture projects aimed at making your time outdoors both convenient and comfortable. Whether you plan to sit on them or to use them as side tables—or both—making a complete set is neither expensive nor time-consuming.
Easy to build, even for those with limited woodworking experience, the bench doubles as a bar or barbecue area for summertime get-togethers in the backyard.
You may wish to complete step 5, the seat boards first, but the above diagram illustrates how the chair is assembled.

One alternative (and my plan) is to buy cushions elsewhere and then tweak the build plans to fit my cushions. Plus, your modern and minimalist result may be used in more ways than one: A patio planter today becomes a drinks cooler tomorrow, just in time for your Independence Day party! Free woodworking plans – build a stylish outdoor area with, Free woodworking plans for outdoors.

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