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My sink arrived yesterday and I’ve been so excited to get it and finish this laundry room that I tried to get everything done in one big building marathon day. But having a dedicated laundry space has plenty of advantages and you will soon realize that it makes your life a lot easier as well. Obviously, if you have the space to spare, then it is an absolute must for a complete modern home.Laundry room with plenty of shelf spaceOne of the biggest benefits of having an exclusive laundry room is most definitely all that additional storage space that comes along with it. There is no point in just throwing a bunch of shelves together along with a few storage options if they do not fit the particular style and dimensions of your own laundry room.

That is precisely why we have presented you with images of laundry rooms in their entirety wherever possible and this is exactly the approach you should take home as well.
Since most laundry rooms are often compact areas, use the vertical room that is available, even as you combine a variety of shelving units.Cabinets with Kirei panels and quartz stone countertopby Susan M. Davis Compact laundry room with combination of shelving and storage optionsErgonomic laundry room design with beautiful white shelvesby Redbud Construction ServicesWhile closed shelves help tuck away all the mess and keep the room tidy, open floating shelves add a sense of airiness and buoyancy to the space. Form is an equally important part of design and hence bring in some aesthetic value with a bit of visual and textural contrast.

Add a couple of cool floating shelves and you can even create a lovely display as a couple of family photographs are neatly placed next to the wicker baskets.

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