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Developer Tony Adams, aka Lasermad, found a brilliant way to light up the game of chess: use 1980s Soviet Nixie gas display tubes (an easy find on eBay) as chess pieces.
British artist Paul Fryer named his chess set for Nikola Tesla, the famed Serbian-American physicist known for a host of inventions and for championing alternating current. Keep your photos, videos, music files and other important documents organized with one of our external hard drive picks.
Breakdown of Pawns and PiecesNow, for any of you who actually know anything about chess, you'll already know that pawns are called pawns and the rest of the army are called pieces. The ChessboardFor the board, you can use any old chessboard, or try out shama_lama_ding_dong's bathroom tile board. Designed as artwork for the 2009 touring exhibition "The Art Of Chess," the set features an electrically powered board crafted from limewood and ebony, as well as 32 varying-size handmade chess pieces. Check.Influenced by the amber collection in the department of palaeontology at the Natural History Museum in London, Alastair Mackie's unusual chess set uses transparent amber cylinders and insects as pieces. The 16-inch-tall vertical chess set is made of a red oak board, with eight horizontal shelves held together by crown molding.
After a lengthy trip to Home Depot, he picked up a boatload of different bolts, nuts, and screws to complete his masterpiece.However, his is not the first to use nuts and bolts for pawns and queens. Each plug-in bulb is low-wattage (7 watts for the pawns and 11 watts for the rest), keeping them from getting too hot to handle. To power the pieces, Adams installed a large PCB driver beneath the board and an air-core transformer beneath each square.

Pawns become hands, knights feet, and king and queens join together to form the torso and head of these transformers.
Each piece is a working vacuum tube that lights up when plugged into the board's recessed octal sockets. Pickett's Skeleton Key Chess Set uses actual brass keys as pieces, each one 'locking' into place as they move from square to square.
Julia Suits made the ones pictured below, though, the chessboard leaves something to be desired. Some of those pieces are pretty expensive, so you may want to opt for cheaper hardware—or hardware you already have around. For his pieces, Claverie used discarded nuts, tubes, and bolts that he polished, varnished, and welded together to create robotlike bishops, knights, and rooks.
Similar to an induction charging system, an electromagnetic field transfers energy between the board and the pieces.With all pieces emitting the same orange glow, Adams painted the brass bases of one side gold and the other side silver to tell them apart. One side glows white, the other red, and they all are identified by a special symbol to reflect their movement. Crawling bugs such as ants and grasshoppers, and arthropods such as scorpions, make up the other side.Mackie created his board to resemble a waist-height table for viewing geological samples. The chess pieces are used wood pieces from another set, which Williams decided to leave as is.Williams says building a similar board should take three or four days, with about 6 to 8 hours of actual labor. When pieces are captured, they're relegated to two unwired rows along each side of the board, where they sit in defeated darkness.

But it can get pretty expensive.Keep in mind that for this project, you'll want to get brass-colored for one side, and regular shiny silver (zinc) ones for the other side, so split everything in half and you'll be good.
Each piece also contains multiple cathodes that display a letter indicating its role in the game, such as "K" for king and "A" for alfiere ("bishop" in Italian). Once a player loses a piece, he or she can store it in one of two pull-out "specimen drawers" located on either side of the board. We can use those tools were so good with to show off our intelligence in a different manner—like with this ingenious DIY chess set made from nuts and bolts. If MacGyver played chess, this would surely be his set (though, there might be some duct tape in there somewhere, too). Unless you plan on painting your white or black army, then it doesn't matter.If you already have most of these, good for you.
Getting creative and opting for standard pieces could save money and time wasted at Lowe's or Home Depot or wherever you buy your nuts and bolts.

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