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Building the collar involves little more than finding out the dimensions of each section, and then cutting the parts.  Lay them all out on a very flat surface (old doors work great for this), then join all the pieces with glue and biscuit joints.
Let it dry a long time before you ever move it.  I let this one dry for several hours while I worked on the capitals. If you’re building your mantel with no center panel, then you can omit this extension. The collar, though a small part of the design, draws the eye to it when looking at the finished fireplace surround.  So take your time installing the panel molding on the collar, and make sure it looks really nice. This required some juggling on my part, holding the pilaster and frieze in place at the same time, but with this test-fit completed I was confident to commit to glue and nails. Before grouting we glued it in place to provide a clean edge to grout up against and now it’s painted to match everything else. The herringbone marble fireplace finally gives the penny tile a run for its money, in the best possible way.
The mantel is centered between two doorways (to a sunroom), but I finally noticed that the fireplace opening is not centered under the mantelpiece — it has a couple of inches on one side, and probably 10 inches on the other side. Shoppers who have some woodworking or carpentry skills may be able to build and install a mantel from scratch. It is important to measure and mark this accurately so that the bolts will align perfectly with the mantel. I have looked at tons of ways to cover my fireplace the last 6 months and finally yours will work the best for our home. Whether a shopper is looking for a unique look or just wants to freshen an existing fireplace mantel, creating a fireplace mantel is a smart way to save money and resources in home decorating. I’ve been staring at our fireplace for years now, trying to figure out how I wanted to update it .
Making sure that the marks are level, centered, and extend the length of the mantel, mark the grout at the desired height in 16-inch increments.

So you’ve discovered the joy of moldings and need a place to launch into your first molding project. So FWIW, that approach (basically Sherry’s suggestion) seemed to work pretty well for whoever built the mantel at our place, since I sit on the couch facing that thing every day and never noticed it before.
There are choices in a variety of home furnishing styles as well as a range of effort involved in the installation of the fireplace mantel.
Have a question for you— She has a working fireplace that is fully bricked from floor to ceiling that she would like to either paint or cover. The cost savings may be important, as well as the aesthetic value of a DIY fireplace mantel that is a unique creation.
Seems like I’ve seen a fireplace makeover blog sharing party on this subject but maybe it was just a mantel party. Lift the mantel and place it firmly onto the lag bolts, sliding the lag bolts into the holes drilled into the back of the fireplace mantel and push firmly into place on the fireplace.
As for fireplaces, I had a friend who had a typical ranch home fireplace that was about 10″ off the floor with hearth in front, and red brick all the way to the ceiling. To back up a smidge, you saw us devise a plan for this little refacing makeover, add some marble subway tile and then build out around it. And if we ever convert our fireplace to a wood-burning one (which is unlikely since it would require a ton of chimney work) we’ll just pop out the wood trim and install tile edge pieces.
The next step is to mark each spot on the rear of the fireplace mantel where the lag bolts will meet. Its a HUGE walk around fireplace with 2 separate inserts ( I guess that what you call them ).
After the fireplace mantel is selected from the wide variety of styles and types of wood available, the first step in installation of the mantel is locating the placement of the new feature. Using a mantel fashioned from a log gives a rustic, log cabin style to a fireplace and room.

Some buyers also use this feature to limit their search to that of used fireplace mantels or new DIY fireplace mantel kits. Our fireplace is non-working (we’d love to add a gas insert and even double-side it down the road) but for this phase of the process all that was left was to add some primer and paint. Love the mantle but really love the the paint color of the paneled walls against the white trim. We are about to redo our new fireplace and we will be using a satin finish on this one for sure. Xiamen Songjia Stone's building Stone fireplace mantelWelcome to our product page of building Stone fireplace mantel, in which you can find detailed information of building Stone fireplace mantel. PS: If you want to read about this makeover from the beginning, check out our planning process, how we tiled and how we built out the wood frame around it.
I just love your fireplace maleover.I am so happy I found your site and enjoy looking at all the wonderful ideas and things you have done. Changing the style of the fireplace mantel ranges from a nearly effortless home project to one of moderate effort.
Twice-monthly advice for bringing your home outdoors, from year-round yard upkeep and planning to the wonders of making your garden grow, plus special offers. Whether buying a fireplace mantel at a local shop, an online store, or on eBay, the buyer should consider the advantages of a DIY fireplace mantel.
When you assemble a DIY mantel, you own a piece of decor that is not only beautiful, but is an expression of your own creativity. Updating the look can be as easy as installing a floating style mantel of wood that is sturdy enough to hold many heavy objects.

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