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For the space-starved shop, this dual-purpose project stores in the same footprint as your tablesaw. Purchase the full Space-saving Double--duty Tablesaw Workbench Woodworking Plan, including detailed diagrams and complete material list. Starting with one master technique, you can build three classic tables that look great in almost any room of the house. My solution was to build a table that could easily be removed when the saw needed to be stored, as you can see in the photo at right.
What makes this work are a pair of heavy-duty, slides that are screwed to the sides of the saw, as shown in the exploded view below. The table is made from 3A" melamine-covered particleboard cut to the same width as the saw table. Now when I want to move the saw out of the way, all I have to do is lift off the tabletop and slide in the frame. Andy Pollock of Northampton, MA screwed a piece of aluminum angle to his workbench to provide a place to wipe off putty knives.
If you like this project, please check out our 330+ paper and downloadable woodworking project plans at the WOOD Store. One day when I pulled out the right side extension of the table I saw the potential to build an insert to accommodate a router.
Check issue 106 to find plans for a contractor's saw base cabinet, complete with a trash bag holder. Or, you can buy a bag that snaps onto most contractor's saws, as shown below, after you've drilled the necessary holes.

Many custom furniture makers and cabinetmakers use only a well-tuned table saw for all their precision cuts. A sled is a movable contraption that slides in the table saw's factory- machined miter gauge slots. Although the miter gauge that comes with your saw can be used for crosscutting, it's less safe and accurate than a well-made sled.
Sprinkle sawdust in the right slot, press double-faced tape onto the second runner and lay it tape side up into the slot (the sawdust shims the runner above the table surface so the tape will stick to the sled bottom). Clamp the stiffener flush with the outfeed edge, keeping the right end of the stiffener even with the right end of the sled table. This Method of Work tip will save you shop space and give you a versatile router table to work on.
To keep the table from sliding around, I screwed three brackets to the bottom of the table, as shown in Fig.
To get around this problem, I mounted the hold-down to a hardwood block and clamped it in place in the bench vise. The alternative would be to cut a pathway for the motor mount to follow, which would open up an escape route for the sawdust. I made a "temporary" plywood insert that has worked fairly well(for 3yrs) but getting a good fence setup such as the one in this plan is a needed upgrade. The special clamps to span the saw's fence are exactly what I needed rather than having to clamp my shop-made fence onto the edges of the tabletop.
Their secret for making perfect crosscuts and miter (angle) cuts is to use a table saw sled even on wide boards.

If the sled sticks or binds, run it back and forth through the slots 20 or so times then flip the sled over and examine the runner edges. If this plan interests you stay tuned for Fine Woodworking's 2010 Tools & Shops issue, due out this fall. Contractor's saws cost less than the cabinet style, but they spew all of the sawdust right into your workshop. Prior to this I'd made a similar setup for my Delta contractor's saw with a right side extension table with a shop-made router insert. You can build one in about 2 hours, then hang it on the wall near your table saw until you need it. Align the sled table with the infeed edge of the saw table, then lower the fixed left runner into the slot and lower the right side of the sled onto the taped runner.
Self-adhesive Velcro strips, available at most fabric stores, serve to hold the dust cover to the saw. If you own a bench-top table saw, consider building a smaller sled that will work for small projects such as picture frames or the occasional shadow box.

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