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My lunchbox planer had served me pretty well over the years, but recently as I have started to work with more rough sawn material, and doing a lot more woodworking in general, I came the conclusion that I needed more performance and capacity in a planer. This design is ideal for planing figured stock, and any other material that might be prone to tearout with a traditional cutterhead. Once the cutterhead was set up, I fed the same maple plank through and it left an amazing surface quality.
The only downside that I found with the planing functionality is that the feed rate (maximum 16 fpm with a standard configuration) is a bit slower than other planers in its class, which can generally feed in the 20-30 fpm range. Review that the process was much and the larger table size makes applied to unfinished wood. After doing a lot of research on an upgrade for my planer, I was about 98% excited about the Woodmaster. The standard soft rubber feed rollers are unusual for a planer, and strike me as being more necessary for molding applications where there is not as much surface area to grip after the initial pass when some of the material has been removed. The power of the motor was apparent as it plowed through a 12″? wide plank of hard maple effortlessly, which is something that my lunchbox planer would struggle with.

My lunch box planer screamed at around 100-105 decibels when planing a 10″? wide maple board, and it was the one tool in my attached shop that I could hear from nearly anywhere in our home (which meant restricted planing hours). Molding knives, moulding, woodmaster,powermatic, jet, belsaw, Our knives fit woodmaster ®, powermatic ®, foley belsaw ®, rbi ®, sears ®, jet ®, grizzly ® planer molders multi headed molders, corrugated. First, the planer head attaches to shafts that include a Morse taper design at the inward end, providing wiggle room when aligning the planer head for mounting.
If excessive roller wear during planing ever becomes a problem, Woodmaster sells a serrated steel infeed roller for just this purpose, but I doubt it will ever become an issue for me.
The little snipe that remains can be easily removed with a random orbital sander for finished projects, and when using it for surfacing rough planks I normally cut a bit from each end anyway so it becomes a moot point. The spiral cutterhead is a true helical design, where the blades are set at an angle to the work piece so that they are actually taking a skew cut as a blade passes through the wood, similar to holding a hand plane at an angle to shear the material at a more gentle angle. I ran several different figured and quartersawn planks through the planer, and I couldn’t make it gouge the surface with anything that I threw at it.
The 718 with the standard cutterhead planed the same board while producing about 92 decibels, which is a dramatic improvement.

A recent magazine article that reviewed large planers did not include the Woodmaster, only foreign made units.
I planed quartersawn oak, curly cherry, birdseye maple and curly birch, and the spiral cutterhead performed flawlessly in all cases. With the spiral cutterhead it ran at about 82 decibals, and it was easy to have a conversation with the planer running. Also, because it allows such a deep cut into the wood, it will make short work of any planing that I need to do in my shop. I believe this a testament to a high quality standard planer head and precision ground blades on the machine, along with infinite variable speed rate that allowed me to slow the feed down to improve the surface quality. Given that my shop is attached to my house and in a suburban neighborhood, my family and neighbors are unanimously pleased with this attribute of the 718, and I can now plane wood any time I want without disturbing anyone’s serenity.

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