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Beautifully made wooden Noah’s Ark complete with animals and accessories, which also cleverly doubles up as a wonderful shape sorting toy. Le Petit Ark is the smallest ark from the Le Toy Van range and is an ideal gift for a Birthday or Christening. Exquisitely finished and with great attention to detail, this traditional Noah’s Ark toy looks fantastic in any bedroom or playroom, and will last for many years to come.

Features 8 pairs of animals including: lions, elephants and giraffes, Mr and Mrs Noah, a walkway, a sliding door, carry handle and an opening cargo hold.
Side of the ark has cut-out slots which match each pair of animals - perfect for shape sorting.
This timeless toy features 16 diverse painted wooden animals (8 pairs), Noah and his wife, a ladder, a carry handle, two removable roof pieces and an opening cargo hold.

With cut-out animal shapes on the side of the ark, the animals can be sorted into their respective slots for safekeeping in the hull.

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