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When we claim to be Melbourne's best suppliers of Australian made picnic tables we mean it. Or if you are looking for something slightly different to the above conventional Australian made picnic table designs then click on the tables tab above to check out the range of custom made tables that are also available. Most of our bulky sleeper timber outdoor furniture is made from a combination of 'A' grade recycled railway sleepers, new red gum, ironbark, greygum and treated pine sleepers. These are commonly called 'A' frame tables but we also manufacture an extensive selection of other styles as well. The heavy duty nature of our picnic tables means that we often need to assemble on site as some of these tables can range up to 250kg. And of course there are many options in between to make them just right for a school table, in a cafe or at the sports club. If you have an outdoor table design that you would like us to build to we can do that as well. For the top end of the market we offer The No Top Screws Designs (NTS), high quality outdoor dining tables and outdoor dining furniture. The NTS designs are a high quality extension and alternative to the conventional A frame picnic tables. It may not look obvious from the photos above but there are major differences in the finish of these tables. The NTS is a smooth dressed finish whereas the conventional tables have a sanded and reeded finish. Whilst all our tables are solid and sturdy, there is really no comparing the quality finish and style of this design. These 'A' frames made strong sturdy industrial dining tables built for cafes, clubs and eateries. Give that dining area a lift and have the furniture stained to match the decor or even have the dining tables built from dressed timber to give is a real furniture look.
There are over a dozen outdoor timber dining tables in this range and they are prices from $688.
Our range of outdoor dining tables includes dressed, and sawn finishes, rustic and elegant, modern or conventional.
You will find that our outdoor dining tables will last a lifetime and your workplace and employees will appreciate the opportunity to take their break and relax on these comfy units.
Obviously the choice of timbers, timber sizes and overall table sizes is totally up to you and we are happy to discuss and manufacture to your requirements. For the best outdoor timber dining tables Melbourne has to offer, we believe we have the best range and all at competitive prices. Check out the larger range of timber outdoor dining tables on our products page but if its not there or you want an outdoor table that is slightly different, please give us a call. Some of our garden furniture is made from recycled ‘A’ grade railway sleepers that are carefully transformed into tables, seats and benches.

We specialise in outdoor furniture made from sleepers in 50mm, 75mm, 100mm thickness and of course railway sleepers.
TK Tables furniture is ideal for commercial clients and we often customise existing designs to meet their needs. For sheltered and open areas we have a range of solid outdoor timber tables that will suit your needs.
These lovely timber outdoor table above is dressed and oiled to bring out the natural hardwood colours and provide a surface that is smooth and easy to clean. These outdoor timber tables come in 1.8m lengths and can be used in backyards, cafes or any sheltered outdoor area.
Remember that to keep that shine you need to look after any timber outdoor table that has been dressed and polished. The outdoor timber tables Melbourne range is extensive and can be made from rustic sleepers right down to including dressed, and sawn finishes. Conventional 'A' Frame outdoor timber table Our outdoor timber tables Melbourne winner must be the conventional 'A' Frame. Our extensive range has over a dozen options to choose from and even then we are still happy to custom build tables to specific orders.
Red Gum Outdoor Timber Tables New red gum and treated pine sleepers make an excellent outdoor timber table. Timber has a variety of characteristics and the tables we make inherit these characteristics as well. Check out the larger range of outdoor timber tables and our other the tables tab on the left, and if its not there or you want some special outdoor table that is slightly different, please give us a call. All our Australian outdoor picnic tables are made from timber that is resilient to the harsh Australian climate and all of them will weather well outdoors. We provide a professional staining service for those that require it and we stain the tables in their individual parts to make sure the insides of all joints are coated as well.
We are sure that a garden seat made from sleepers like the one above or a lovely dressed hybrid 'A' frame picnic table like the last photo, could become a unique show piece that blends into most garden area. They clearly stand out over the conventional designs and make an elegant outdoor dining table.
With the largest range of conventional A frame outdoor dining tables on offer and a host of affordable Hybrid and T frame designs there is bound to be a table right for you. Since most of our furniture is used outdoors, predominantly outdoor tables, we only use resilient timbers like Cypress pine, treated pine, ironbark and red gum. With a full range of styles in a variety of timbers and multiple sizes, TK outdoor tables is able to offer the best and most affordable range of solid timber picnic tables in Australia.
TK tables furniture is suited to households especially the garden range but more so to clubs, sporting venues, cafes, caravan parks and other commercial areas where heavy duty solid furniture is a prerequisite.
TK Tables make a range of picnic tables and outdoor timber tables that are used Australia wide.

We guarantee the best quality and prices in Melbourne on our picnic tables and have the largest range of solid timber 'A' frame wooden picnic tables on offer. Australian picnic tables made from kiln dried treated pine tables are built to within a few millimetres of the stated sizes, and the rest are not far off the mark as well. We start by selecting out timbers to ensure they have the least amount of knots or other cosmetic imperfections and we take pride in the way the tables are assembled.
Depending on timber selection and size, the NTS range of outdoor dining furniture starts at $1,980 for the conventional style and $2,420 for the separated benches design.
Like the great Hills hoists cloths lines, the great Australian picnic table is a common feature in most parklands and we are now seeing a large number being used in commercial sites as well to enable staff to their lunch in the true Australian outdoors. Cafe tables are regularly built in 50, 75 and 100mm thicknesses to suit the location and client needs.
This heavier version of outdoor dining furniture is more of a rustic look as it is made from heavy duty sleepers.
And its no surprise that the best picnic tables Australia has to offer are built down under right here in Melbourne, the garden state !!
Sturdy and stylish custom made outdoor timber furniture that is both attractive and very functional. If you are not after rustic and require that smooth easy to clean furniture look, we also have solid tables designs made from dressed hardwoods. The merbau outdoor timber table can be left out in the weather whereas the Vic Ash and Tas Oak tables are only suitable for sheltered areas.
If you expect it to last for life then TK Tables outdoor timber furniture will certainly do that. All our timber furniture is solidly built with quality galvanised fixings that will ensure they will last and look good beyond tomorrow, so call us today to get started with your outdoor project.
Standard treated pine tables are made within a week of order whilst the other timber types may take a little longer. These wooden picnic tables can be left in their raw state or dressed and stained to match the environment. Our commercial picnic tables for parks and gardens are renowned for the durability and we have a large range of timber seats and wooden benches that can be made to any size. Some are suited to make a great park table whilst the others are an elegant backyard picnic table.
We build all our outdoor timber furniture to order to allow you to choose the timber seat size or table finish or even the material it is made from.

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