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Wood Stains & SealersOur wood stains and sealers are non-toxic, low or no VOC, effective, beautiful and durable. For this article, baby safe stains are referred to as non-toxic stains that are safe for both humans and the environment. There are three main categories of non-toxic paints and finishes that can be used as baby safe stain.
For more tips on how to apply stain to furniture please read our post titled: Wood Finishing Techniques. Baby safe stain, or stains that are non-toxic and with low or no VOC’s, are will help protect your baby from irritation or other more serious illnesses. Many parents are choosing to paint with baby safe stain to protect their newborns from harmful toxins. They are harmful to both humans and the environment because they release toxins into the air for years.

It can be used as a baby safe stain because it is composed of a natural resin that is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. However, with the popularization of “going green”, or being concerned about the environment, more and more paint manufacturers are producing non-toxic, low VOC or zero VOC paint.
Most people believe shellac and mineral oils are the best options for preserving your baby’s health. Low VOC paint and finishes can also be used as baby safe stain because they are water-based, so they emit fewer chemicals than solvent-based ones. These types of paints are perfect baby safe stains because they are not only environmentally friendly finishes, but also sturdy, cost-effective, and less dangerous to human health.
This is because shellac and mineral oils don’t have as much chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOC) as other types of stains and finishes. They are also much easier to dispose of than products with VOC’s because they are classified as non-hazardous wastes.

They can help the wood stay flexible, soften its appearance and scratches, and make the surface look brand new. Non-toxic wood conditioners should be painted onto the crib and allowed to dry for maximum results. Other paints and finishes that can be used as baby safe stain are those that are free from ethylene glycol, and those that don’t absorb VOC.

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