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Ash lye (Aku) made of water and ash is added to the Sukumo to create the liquid compound used as a dye. In 1880, a chemical synthesis blue component referred to as synthetic indigo was developed in Germany, which saw a rapid surge in imports to Japan while the naturally derived indigo dye experienced a sharp decline in popularity. One project that stands out is the production of building materials combining indigo dye and cedar wood. During most of the centuries that people have colored eggs for Easter, the dyes used were made from natural products like onion peels, bark, beets and blueberries.
Cover the ingredients with water, while making enough dye to cover the eggs you’ll want to color.
For a more consistent color on the eggs, hard boil the eggs in advance and prepare the dye separately, as described for each color below.
The traditional dyeing technique has been revived by the fashion world for a fresh new look.
I wouldn’t hide these eggs indoors for an Easter egg hunt, since the dye might stain your furniture.
The indigo color accentuates the cedar wood grain for a modern twist on a Japanese classic.
One such activity that has drawn attention nationwide is an art exhibition featuring artwork using indigo dye.

The exhibition at a warehouse in Tokushima City in December 2012 featured a unique piece displaying 247 sheets of indigo dyed cloth suspended from the ceiling. It isn't a huge factor, though, as the shed has large overhangs, the door faces a narrow and protected alley, and the cedar is naturally-weather-resistant anyway.As the shed project wraps up (along with lots of other semi-related outdoor projects), I look forward to sharing it with you. Below, I’ve given general instructions, followed by specific instructions to make dyes of various colors.
After cooking, strain the colored liquid through a strainer to separate the ingredients from the dye. In Greece, the tradition is to dye the eggs red on Red Thursday – which commemorates the day the Last Supper was eaten. Kids fashion items such as hats, shirts with the backs boldly dyed indigo, and even shorts, make it fun to play with the different depth of blue. The eggs would make a pretty decoration nestled in a wooden bowl filled with raffia … for a while.
While conserving a long tradition, Japanese indigo dye is generating a new culture in Japan that extends much further than just fashion. Also, be aware that some dyes are more likely to scrape off when the eggs are cooked this way.
After simmering, filter the turmeric dye mixture through a coffee filter inside a strainer to get rid of the excess turmeric.

Indigo-stained cedar wood was used for the flooring of the gallery space at the Tokushima City Library, making this library a sight to see in Japan. In fact, the region has been launching various projects featuring indigo dye, such as indigo dye factory visits and hands-on activities using indigo dye.
When a piece of thread, etc., is dipped into this liquid and then aerated, the dye oxidizes to create a beautiful indigo color. For example, indigo dye used on a dress in a tie-dye pattern creates a chic look reminiscent of the blue sea.
Comments: This dye worked well, but next time I would make a smaller amount with less turmeric (as the turmeric was a little messy). Linen in various shades of indigo are suspended against the blue sky and surrounding vegetation, charming visitors at the indigo art outdoor exhibition. Recently however, naturally derived indigo dye has gained favor again for its safety factor and lasting color compared to the chemical synthesis. It is said that in the olden days, Japanese women preferred to wear a Yukata dyed with indigo for evening walks in summer to prevent insect bites due to its insect-repellent properties.

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