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A custom hot tub or spa deck is a personal place of refuge and relaxation for many homeowners.
A custom hot tub or spa deck is a personal place of refuge and relaxation for many homeowners. This spa deck in Columbus, OH by Archadeck of Columbus has everything a deck could possibly offer.
More and more homeowners are choosing to invest in making their backyard into a place of refuge rather than splurging on exotic vacations and trips abroad in pursuit of the ultimate place to relax and rewind.  Hot tubs and spas are a popular choice among homeowners seeking to create a tranquil setting to escape to while staying in the comfort of their own back yards.
With the dawn of the personal hot tub or spa comes the custom spa deck to compliment the structure and add valuable outdoor living space as well. This deck extension by Archadeck of Columbus even has a retractable awning for the ultimate in comfort. Aside from the structural diversity that is required when building your spa deck, there are many design options available when deciding how to finish out your spa deck. Selecting the right material for your hot tub or spa deck is also important, after all you don’t want to get splinters in those bare feet. Now is the perfect time to consider taking the plunge into a spa or hot tub deck of your own.
To experience more serene inspiration visit out pool and spa deck gallery located on our website. Realtime Landscaping Pro's swimming pool design tools allow you to create free-form swimming pools with curves and variable depths. Here's another example of the large library of plants and other objects included with our Realtime Landscaping software. Using Realtime Landscaping Pro, you can design your entire landscape, including house, deck, fence, swimming pool, garden, and much more.
Many tools are provided with our landscape design software to help you build your landscape.

A customized  spa deck is perfect for entertaining, dining, grilling and cooking and any other activity you and your family enjoy doing outdoors. If the hot tub is located on top of the deck, access is simple, but with a partially or fully recessed hot tub you may need a trap door or have an access area built around it on 3 sides so as to have access to the control panel. Many homeowners choose to build privacy walls adjacent to the hot tub, this offers shade from the sun and also keeps prying eyes away. There are many quality composite and PVC decking materials, as well as natural woods on the market that are designed specifically for areas around water. The chill of Autumn creates a stunning backdrop for the soothing waters of a spa or hot tub.  Archadeck of Columbus can design and build a hot tub or spa deck that will compliment your home and your lifestyle. High-resolution pictures of real plants ensures your landscape designs are accurate and realistic. Using our landscaping software, select the plants best suited to your area and see how they would look in your backyard. Try out new deck colors, add a hot tub, plan a place for the grill, and design the surrounding landscape for the perfect backyard retreat. A large library of high-resolution plants and other objects are included to help you visualize your landscape design ideas. You can quickly and easily design gardens, houses, yards, decks, fencing, and much more using the powerful software. Keep in mind the need for easy accessibility from your home because you want to plan on using your spa during the fall and winter months for the utmost in warmth, ambiance and relaxation.
There are certain areas within the structural criteria of a hot tub deck that must be met in order to accommodate the added weight for safety and to preserve the structural integrity of the deck as a whole.
Archadeck of  Columbus likes to think outside the box in terms of locations for your spa or hot tub.
Pergolas look great when paired with hot tubs and spa features as well and can also provide ample shade and privacy. We can even incorporate other outdoor living structures such as an outdoor fireplace or firepit into your decks design that will enable you to enjoy two of natures most mesmerizing and powerful  elements in unison.

This scene is set  and played out with your very own hot tub integrated as the focal point to your custom spa deck. Here is a stunning panorama of  spa and hot tub decks that will give you some ideas and inspiration in your own backyard. Many homeowners don’t take into consideration the full magnitude of the weight a hot tub or spa , once filled with water will add to the deck. TimberTech , AZEK and many others have lines specified for use on pool and spa decks, and some are even formulated for use on docks such as TimberTech’s Docksider decking. This is why it is crucial to make sure your deck has the appropriate structural supports to accommodate the added weight of a hot tub or spa. When considering adding a hot tub or spa to your existing deck it is important to implement this support system as well.
Utilizing the expertise and experience of a  professional licensed deck  builder to design and construct your deck is the best route to take when thinking of adding a hot tub or spa to the structure. In many cases a spa can add an additional weight of up to 2,000 pounds when filled with water and your deck will need to be sturdy enough to carry this weight without any stress. This sturdiness can be achieved by constructing a spa support deck, with either a concrete pad of wood platform. The only dangers we see if when the hot tub is partially recessed it can present a challenge when exiting and entering the hot tub, and a tripping hazard in some cases as well.  For example, consider placing the hot tub within a curvilinear corner, or incorporate the spa to be surrounded by bench seating that will make the perfect place to sit down and take off your shoes to dip your fit in the warm bubbling water.
If entering and exiting the hot tub seems as though it may present a problem, steps can easily be incorporated into the design to make gaining entry to the hot tub easy and safe. Keep space in mind as well when considering how your hot tub or spa will integrate into your decks design. If you choose a hot tub with a cover that has an arm, for instance, you will need ample space to back it up comfortably.

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