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I'm teaching myself to use dye stains after having only used spray and wipe stains and toners.
2) Condition by brush with Minwax wood conditioner - let sit for about 2 minutes and wipe clean.
Managed to produce a couple of nice looking samples today using a mixture of the black and mahogany Microton dyes and early American WS2 spray stain. One thing I noticed with the conditioner, even though it isn't necessary, it does make the dye stain more vibrant - probably due to the ambering effect of the conditioner. I use alcohol dyes, spray directly on raw wood, then stain (I use oil based) topcoat, scuff, topcoat again and done.
Don't use scotchbrite to sand prior to stain; instead sand to 150 or 180, 180 being the finest.
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Today wood flooring is also offered in a variety of hardwood species that are not found in North America. Brazilian Teak is also available in a 4″ plank, offering a different look from this stunning exotic wood. Mohawk also offers two different Mahogany finishes for a dramatic, rich look, full of texture. The Mohawk Flooring brand takes very seriously our position as an industry leader when it comes to Lacey Act compliance.
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Not only does the technique produce excellent results on the woods individually, it also works very well to blend different species together with uniform color.
When a finish looks darker at an angle than it does straight on, that lets you know there's color in the topcoats above the wood (toner). If you need a little more depth, you can add a toner coat after step nine, followed by an additional topcoat.
I was trying to get a true black on a door with a small amount of lighter grain showing, but the dye, even with the wiping stain, still has a blue tint to it. The maple does not allow any penetration of the stain and any sealer put on after pulls the stain out.

Anytime I get splotching it's because the wood is sanded too slick and it repels the dye instead of accepting it.
He tells me that wiping stains should be followed by the dye without a washcoat, and that it should then be sealed.
Not only do hardwood floors look timeless, but they don’t stain like carpeting and warm up a room more than tile or vinyl. Areas with heavy traffic can start to show wear after a while, but this can be lessened by choosing the right kind of wood.
Flooring Specialists brings you the option of exotic wood floors from Mohawk Industries.  If you are looking for a new addition to your interior decorating, exotic wood flooring will bring your design intrigue to a whole new level!  Mohawk Hardwood Flooring Collections include some of the finest woods from all around the globe.
Mohawk Hardwood Flooring Collections include some of the finest exotic hardwoods from all over the world. Our adherence to the requirements of the expanded Lacey Act gives consumers full confidence they are purchasing flooring that meets the strictest wood sourcing standards in the world.  When choosing exotic flooring from Mohawk, you can be confident in our responsible resource management. Several good brands of stain include Behlen, Chemcraft, ICA, ML Campbell, Mohawk, Triclad, Valspar, etc. In these pictures, the cabinet on the left was dyed a shade of grey and the one on the right was dyed and stained. On this match piece the toner had a strong "mahogany" color to it and was very transparent indicating a dye was used. I used a piece of birch with different streaks of natural color in it; that let me know if the steps would blend the different colors in the woods on the cabinet. Alternatively, you can skip steps 3 and 4, and for step 5, thin your wiping stain with 5 parts naphtha to 1 part wiping stain, and spray to color and don't wipe.
I double checked the label on the pre-stain conditioner and it only needs to sit for 10 - 15 minutes, then stain can be applied at any time within 2 hours of application. I definitely want to stick with quick drying products for the time savings - it's nice to be able to stain and finish in one day (or at least only topcoat the second day). Also don't use the pre-seal; instead try mixing the dye in equal parts of Amazing Stain clear base.
Harder woods like Hickory or Oak can stand up to heavy foot traffic better than a softer wood like Pine. While some stains work a lot better than others, they don't solve the problems well enough by themselves to be a dependable solution.
Dye does a great job of popping the figure in the wood and develops highlights that are visible after the other coloring steps. Unlike wiping a dye, where the color reaches a limit, with spraying you can oversaturate the wood with color and it gets darker and darker.
The grey dye established a uniform base color to build on and the stain provided most of the color. The leg from the table was dark red with a hint of brown; one of the standard "mahogany" colors that's widely available.

That let me know the third coloring step on the cabinet would be a mahogany colored dye toner.
This stuff is truly amazing, although it is just a vinyl based toner and can be made by any supplier that has knowledge about vinyl based toner. Flooring carries a variety of flooring from Mohawk Flooring, which produce quality luxury vinyl, rated 4.7 out of 5 stars!
Flooring Specialists features a full supply of quality flooring products from Mohawk, Daltile, and more!  Shop hardwood flooring from Anderson, tile from VOGUEBAY, and Karastan carpeting. Sometimes I'll use stain (by itself or with the dye) in the toner as long as the stain is compatible with the finish. The orange base color on the leg was also pretty easy; a lot of reddish brown stains look more orange when they're reduced with the stain base. Still need to do lots of testing with lots of different species of woods, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.
I use Zar brand stain - not going to say it is the best, but I did some samples with this brand and that's the color everyone seems to want. Since your finish is too blue, go to the color opposite blue on the color wheel (orange) and slowly adjust the tone and color from there. The third section from the bottom shows how the orange-brown wiping stain looks over the dye. The stain base has the right blend of solvent, binder, and additives to maintain the stain's working properties. Should also note that this should only be done with industrial wiping stains… No Minwax for this. Light dye with a stain, same dye but a heavier coat with the same stain = darker richer look.
On the actual cabinet, I used a stronger toner, with just a little added mahogany colored wiping stain so I would just need a single coat of toner. I have to pay close attention when spraying dye to make sure it's heavy enough to wet the wood and overlap the passes enough to avoid spraying stripes.
I decided to go with a dilute orange dye to tie all the woods together; the dilute orange calmed the green tones in the poplar nicely and started the process to getting the base color needed.
If the stain is made with both pigment and dye, it'll usually cause blotching on woods like poplar, maple, cherry, pine, alder, etc. I hardly ever use wiping stain unless of course I am matching a wiping stain for an existing cabinet example, a replacement door or something like that. When you spray into corners and recesses, the turbulence from the air the spray gun uses keeps the dye from wetting the wood evenly.

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