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If you're interested in havingĀ us custom match a stain to a customer-provided sample, that's no problem.
Permanent, high temperature refractory firebrick & mortar stain designed and approved for use in all new and previously used masonry fireplaces.
Paint Sales space, designed all points of woodworking and in-depth expression into this flip over. Referrals are excessive for this the specified kind of kit or sort come up with new woodworking. Viewing colors on a computer screen or printout is unreliable since all monitors and printers are different.

To be absolutely sure of your color choice, Horizon recommends that a finished sample door be ordered prior to placing a larger order. The glaze will change the overall color of the piece slightly, but that is not its primary purpose. Cans of stain and glaze are available for purchase (see the Accessories tab) so that you can closely match the appearance of other wood items to the Horizon doors. Although steps are taken to minimize dark end grain, Horizon uses wiping stains which penetrate the wood.
Horizon assumes no responsibility for damages or poor color match when finish is applied by the customer.

Using a proven, time tested, environmentally-friendly finish, your stained mouldings are applied in a controlled atmosphere, free from dust and other elements. And the palettes of colors have come from years of experience, recognizing trends in the industry and from our trusted customers.

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