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Start with a piece of wood that's relatively square and is already as long as the chain that you wish to carve.
You could also use a 2x2 from the lumberyard, but pine wood splits easier than basswood and this will be frustrating until you get more advanced at wood carving art. Cut a notch into the length of the wood on each corner of the wood so that the wood's profile becomes a cross instead of a square.
This is a great project for learning to use a pocket knife correctly, but for younger wood workers, adult supervision is recommended. Heavy duty glass action -- stained glass, glass fusion, making your own lampworked beads, glass blowing, etc.
September 2, 2015 by koury The router is the most versatile woodworking tool that every amateur or professional woodworker should have.

In order to better comprehend the simple steps involved when making wood chains, it is inevitable that you get some pictorial presentations or even a video illustration of the same. Basswood is recommended and you can get this fairly easily at lots of woodworking supply stores. You could use the chain as a decoration, a piece of jewelry or perhaps as a baby or pet toy. To ensure they fit together perfectly you can use a rubber band then use hand, clamps, or tape pressure to connect the chains.
To better understand how to make a wooden chain using a router it is advisable that you get a handbook that can better illustrate the step-by-step procedure since in theory this seems complicated, which in reality is not true. While you can use any shape that you wish, it is suggested that for your first attempt at whittling a wood chain that it is best to select one shape only to ensure consistency and ease of getting used to the whittling.

Nonetheless, in this article we will theoretically cover the steps that can be followed when making a wooden chain.
Wood routers are amazing tools that can be handled by any woodworker irrespective of their experience. Understanding how to maneuver with the router can help you master how to make a wooden chain using a router.

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