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If you're looking to take the plunge into using a standing desk but don't want to spend a lot of money on the experiment, blogger Brandon Keepers details how he build his for under $40.
We've talked about the benefits of using a standing desk before, but many of the DIY options have either been expensive, complicated, or lacking in aesthetics.
Buying a desk isn't always expensive, depending on where you shop and what you're looking for, but if you really want a desk that's tailored to the way you work, is large enough for all of your gear, and suits your tastes, you might consider building one. Instructables user Sobaka-Gemini decided to build his own computer desk from a pair of 2 foot by 4 foot MDF plates, some table legs he acquired on the cheap, black paint, and polyurethane to seal the desk and protect it from moisture.
The step-by-step is pretty detailed, and while you'll definitely need some tools in your garage or on your workbench to make this DIY project come to life, it's easier than it looks, especially considering how good the finished project looks. The desk should be pretty secure, though you can always use extra pieces of wood to secure the underside.

He estimates the total cost of his desk to be around $35, but he omits the price of some of the optional items (like the moisture sealant) that you'll probably want if you want to try this for yourself. When finished, he had two separate desks that he could arrange in a U-shape, or space out around the room separately for two people to use. For more DIY goodness, check out how to build a sturdy laptop stand from cardboard, or make your own five-minute homemade ice cream. Keepers used a four foot desktop surface and mounted it directly into the wall with heavy-duty shelf brackets.
Plus, just in case some of his costs are lowballed, we bumped up the budget in case you want to take his list of gear to your local hardware store and pick up what you'll need to put it all together.
In fact, some countertops already come with the supplies to fix them to walls, so you won't need to improvise them yourselves.

It's a simple installation and doesn't require too many skills to accomplish, but make sure you drill those brackets directly into the studs. If you've been wanting to try the standing desk but didn't want to take the financial plunge, this is a good place to start. The supplies from both countertops to mount them on the wall should be adequate enough to provide enough leverage for the desk to float by itself.

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