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Biodegradable coffins, also known as green caskets, come in a multitude of styles and materials.
You can always consider building your own casket, or a plain pine box–have a look at these simple plans from Last Things.  You can even build a coffin that doubles as a bookshelf or an entertainment center until you are ready to repurpose it!
Thank you for taking into account some of the simple choices you can make that will add up to great change.
Thank you, I have recently been searching for info approximately this topic for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve found out so far. You can go to my website and find directions of how to build your own wooden casket that serves as bookshelves until you are ready to repurpose it to be a casket!

Other community resources are considering this change, so you need to let your local providers know you want Green Burial available in your community.  Moles Funeral Home in Ferndale has dedicated four acres for Natural Burial called The Meadow,  and White Eagle Preserve in Goldendale is a perfect model for Conservation Burial. When I imagine eight Olympic-sized swimming pools full of embalming fluid being buried every year in this nation it inspires me to be a change maker; I hope it will inspire you also! Metal or hardwood caskets and steel reinforced concrete grave liners are options people can choose to go without. He and his sister began looking at caskets, but were shocked to learn that the price tag for a nice wooden one was about $3,500.
That said, for those who love workworking, or just love to plan ahead, here’s where you can buy the plans to make your very own casket!

A longtime woodworker, Kilby decided to make his mom's casket himself."It was relaxing, but to be perfectly honest with you, I stood there and cried too while I made it, because you realize that it is final," he told Alexandria's KSAX. That way, not only could your corpse be of educational value, but you won't have to worry about buying a casket at all. I believe in educating families that at-home-after-death-care is their legal right, and I help empower individuals and families to make educated choices around their final act–especially how small choices can create amazing change when it comes to greening our final act in this world.

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