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The guitar is made by a living material, wood, and just like any living material, no two guitars are alike. I stress these facts because I think that builders have gone mad asking for astronomical amounts of money for a few pieces of wood, bindings and shellac. Luthiers can only make a few dozens guitars each year and this allows for little scientific experimenting. Learning proper methods of sitting, positioning the feet, lifting, and bending may also decrease the risk of RSI.

A bit of internet searching turned up this great idea for making a bending iron: use an electric charcoal starter inside a galvanized pipe! Good quality woods make for first class instruments because selected woods allow for thinner filing.
As a rule of thumb, remember that if a luthier were to buy the rarest woods and the most expensive tuners and accessories, he would not spend over 1,200 US$. Luthiers, on the other hand,  realized that they were putting the hard work and the money in the wrong place.

The key element is a talented builder, one who has a natural intuition with wood and can create a musical instrument.

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