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If you cut a tree in your yard, those logs and stumps could be wonderful source of DIY projects. Watch the video for this creative log chair to get some basics and inspirations for your own log project. Over the coming months you will find a variety of DIY Log Furniture Kits ranging from basic raw materials to complete unfinished DIY Log Furniture, like this classic Adirondack Chair Kit offered by Mountain Time Chairs and Red Mountain Log Works in Crested Butte, Colorado. This Adirondack Chair Kit is one of the fastest and easiest ways for you to get started making your own log furniture. Join hundreds of log furniture enthusiasts like yourself who get fresh content delivered to their email inbox every time we publish!

Ilan Dei Studio just released a woodsy set of indoor furnishings called the Urban Log Collection.  Inspired by the logs they found lying near their Venice Beach studio, the new furniture line uses themes of “urban renewal” to bring new life to chopped-down trees that would otherwise become firewood. It’s expected that each future series of Urban Logs will continue to change species, since there is such a great plethora of tree species in the Los Angeles area.  This design may actually bring a new sullen joy to California’s yearly unfortunate forest fires. We also understand that sometimes locating and harvesting the materials needed to make your own rustic log furniture can be both time consuming as well as challenging. This complete, unfinished log furniture kit is made from the same hand crafted quality that has defined the Outdoor Adirondack Furniture line from Mountain Time Chairs since 1995.
The hand made quality and care invested to the products have met the high standard in providing log furniture to the town and Ski Lodge Village of Crested Butte, CO.  Home owners and business owners alike have enhanced their outdoor furniture settings with a product that has withstood the harshest of environmental conditions.

For this reason we are teaming up with several Colorado based log furniture artisans to bring you a complete selection of DIY log furniture kits.

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