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Stunning country home with beautiful open and screened porch complete with white picket knee wall and white railings.
Beautiful all wood log cabin style screen porch with gable roof and elevated to and beyond the tree tops.
This beautifully screened front porch with added screened gazebo style hexagon extension could not be better. Top-of-the-line screen porch interior with beautiful wood flooring, wicker furnishings, swinging bench and stylish custom knee walls to complete this picture perfect package. Beautiful lakeside view couldn't be any closer in this lavishly furnished and stunning screen room interior.
Fantastic elevated screen porch on deck with paneled solid knee walls and extending stairs with tree-top views. Brick house with both a screened patio on first floor and screened porch with white picket knee wall on second floor with brick finish.

Beautiful country scene from this siding finished screen room with gable roof and solid knee walls in combination with pergola and multi-level deck.
Combination double gable roof covered patio and screened deck with open screen knee walls and beautiful lakeside view. Brilliant white screen porch with white picket knee walls, patio furniture and ceiling fan. Beautiful custom knee wall screen porch with tile floor, wicker furnishings, hanging baskets and all white frame. Striking close-up of this beautifully custom gable roof screen room complete with screen transoms. Combination third and second level deck with elongated screen room under decking with low profile solid knee wall in matching white color. Lavish screen room interior with tile floor, multi-framed screened panels and a rocking wicker chair to accent the colors.

Lattice wrapped deck supporting this lovely and quaint screen porch with open screen knee walls and full screen panel door.
This spectacular screened deck with alternating natural wood tones and whites, picket knee walls, wood ceiling and siding finished gable roof is beyond beautiful.
Beautiful expansive wood deck with side profile of screen porch showing with match wood picket knee walls.

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