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About two years ago when I began looking at sliding table saws, I requested an information package on Laguna’s saws. I went back to look at the Laguna bandsaws and got talking to Benjamin Helshoj (or Benny as his peers call him) whom I had met at the Cloverdale Woodworking Show the month before. Wanting to get to work, I installed the carbide-tipped Laguna Resaw King blade that I’d bought with the saw.
Thursday morning I answered my phone, expecting to hear Tim from Laguna Tools on the other end.
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It still give me pause that you had that many things (anything really) wrong with a tool that is priced that far above the competition.
When I described the problem with the metal flange next to the dust chute to Brian at Laguna, he told me that a batch had arrived like that and I should just to file it down. Having worked directly at Laguna Tools I can tell you with utmost certainty, the people at Laguna simply are not qualified to conduct business in this country or anywhere else.

Laguna tools uses what is called reputation management techniques where they or some 3rd party post favorable comments which are purposely designed to appear online above any negative post.
At the last Cloverdale Woodworking show I looked at all the bandsaws and decided that when I made the financial comittment it would be with Laguna, I would be buying my first and last bandsaw. Having a local dealer is a huge asset, but I don’t think it should be the deciding factor (unless perhaps you need the tool operational right away).
Years ago, dismayed that a brand new Freud biscuit jointer wouldn’t cut a parallel slot, I soon discovered that most tools do not perform at their best without tweaking, tuning and even some heavy modification.
I have had problem with Laguna on troubleshooting almost everytime I have tried to use them. I’m at the stage where I am trying to decide if I should go with Grizzly or go with Laguna.
I took off the lower wheel (the casting has the pulley machined into it as one piece) and brought it to the local machine shop.
I have looked at other Laguna tools in the past several years – but have always opted to go with something that is more easily obtained here in Ontario, and has some easier recourse if a problem occurs.

It’s sad that a tool maker is putting out this level of quality for that level of price.
It seems that while Laguna can put out a good machine, the overlook and ignore small but sometimes critical details such as the belt in your case or the dust collection flange or trunnion in my case. I probably would not have recognized the blade clearance issue and blown up my Resaw King (that would be my buying decision too). In other words, Laguga’s help line is worthless, and their instruction literature is worthless. Laguna has a deceitful company platform and absolutely incredulous group of employees that whine and piss and moan whenever one of their customers has the gall to complain about a defective piece of shit.machine Laguna sold!

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