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This jig guides you as you drill and drive deck screws at the optimal angle to achieve concealed fastening of deck boards. Middle of another plank could be joined with a dowel joint, a biscuit joint build a bookcase: step-by-step. The point of using the deck jig is to attach the decking to the joists without having any visible nail or screw heads.
First you space out your boards using the included spacers (red for a smaller gap and blue for a larger – we used red), then you drill your holes using the jig, just like in the above photo (make sure you drill the directly above the joists). It’s recommend that you use the jig for both drilling the holes and adding the screws, but in order finish the deck quickly I screwed them in without the jig while Adam drilled all the holes. When we got to the end Adam trimmed the joists so that they wouldn’t hang out past the last piece of decking. In order to fully secure the last board he did have to do a row of exposed screws.¬†You can avoid this is you lay the decking running away from your house instead of parallel, but in order to make the most of the wood we went with this configuration instead.

When we first got the deck jig in the mail Adam was convinced it was gong to make the process much slower, but he really liked it and said he will use it for future decks. The onboard drilling jig is preset at the optimal angles for straight-on as well as left and right corner fastening. Let’s just pick up where we left off last week, which was with a fully assembled deck frame. If you read regularly you know how much Adam and I love Kreg Jig, their tools are well made and make projects much quicker and easier.
To accomplish this you use the jig to attach the boards from the sides rather than the top.
The whole process was simple and went pretty quickly, I don’t think attaching the decking the old-fashioned way could have gone much faster. I know fall is a weird time to be giving away decking supplies, but spring will be here before you know it.

Simply drill your holes with the included bit and drive the deck screws with the included square drive bit. Plus the deck is now where my kids eat all their drippy summer snacks like watermelon and popsicles, also saving me cleaning.
By the way you did a great job on your deck, I love cedar you just have to go to the right place to buy it, the big box stores really don’t carry top grade cedar.
Ever since buying the home with my wife, she’s been giving me ideas about building a deck on the backyard for entertainment.

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