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The multiple generations of men and women working in these woodworking videos are obviously highly skilled.
In the second vid that is a foot in a sock (!!!) right next to the chainsaw roughing off the top edge of the tabletop. Your investment of time and energy in your writing and videos is creating a following of virtual apprentices all over the world. I can only imagine the amount of Japanese woodworking knowledge and information that has been passed down through the generations in this small workshop.

As I find interesting YouTube channels and woodworking videos I will share them here so that others might be inspired on their creative journey as well. Watching how they flawlessly execute their traditional Japanese woodworking joinery inspires me to continue to learn and become a more skilled woodworker.
I need to post the Japanese guy hewing a log with a broad ax while standing on top of it barefoot.
And if you discover other interesting woodworking videos, please share a link in the comments below if you like.

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