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Traditional Japanese toys inspired this modular furniture by architects Kengo Kuma and Associates for the East Japan Project. Twelve wooden sticks slot together without glue to form the units, which combine to make shelving or tables. The Chidori Furniture is named after Chidori toys, which are made from simple wooden components with unique joints - see another furniture design based on a Japanese puzzle here. East Japan Project brings together designers and local craft makers in the region, offering support to communities devastated by the Tohoku earthquake. East Japan Project (Ejp) is a collaboration between designers and traditional craft artisans from East Japan, with the purpose to propose The New Lifestyle as a concept design for post 3.11 Tohoku earthquake.

As one of Ejp Products, Chidori Furniture is a flexible system developed from the joint system of Chidori.
Chidori Furniture is currently exhibited in Bals Tokyo Nakameguro and Ginza stores and is also for sale.
Designers and craftsmen from East Japan will collaborate to develop items of daily use that provide a sustainable and minimal New Lifestyle. Chidori, the name of an old Japanese toy from Hida Takayama, a small town in Japan, is originally an assembly of wood sticks with unique joints. One of the manufacturers, Fujisato Mokkoujo (Fujisato Woodshop) in Iwate Prefecture, is well- known for making Iwayado Tansu Drawers, which originated in the late 1700s.

Transformed from the traditional system of Chidori, 1 unit of Chidori Furniture consists of 12 timber sticks with different junction details. Their expertise in precise wood crafting and lacquer painting could produce multiple identical units of Chidori Furniture. Each modular unit of Chidori Furniture can be connected to from all 6 sides making numerous combinations possible.

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