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When I need to set a precise bit height at my router table, I take two drill bits with diameters that match the router bit height I need.
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Routers are one of the most versatile woodworking tools, useful not just for making trim and cutting edges, but for solving a whole range of woodworking problems. We added an edge-jointing function to our router-table fence by simply clamping a piece of plastic laminate on the left-hand, outfeed end of the fence. WOOD Magazine's Jim Heavey shows you how to squeeze the maximum potential out of your router table with 5 useful tips and techniques. And thought up more tasks plans, woodworking provides for the passionate magazines, funky objects, books and. Clamp feather boards to the fence and tabletop so they apply moderate pressure to the board. Start by tightening the bit into the router, mounting the router in the base and adjusting the height of the bit. To avoid burn marks from the router bit, feed the board at a steady rate without stopping.

Shaping end grain with a router table and square push block (Photo 2) has three advantages over end-grain routing with a handheld router. Move the work piece away from the pivot while maintaining moderate pressure against the router bit bearing. If you don't have a jointer or if you're just getting into woodworking, a router table with fences and a straight bit can suffice for edge-jointing short boards.
I lay both bits down on the table parallel with one another and on either side of the router bit. Smooth edges, cut long moldings and mold small projects easier and more safely by using the table.
And finally, the push block backs up the cut to eliminate the chipping and tear-out commonly associated with end-grain routing. Start freehand routing against piloted bits (bits with bearing guides) by pivoting the board into the bit.
Use sandpaper to ease the edge nearest the router bit, so it won't catch your workpiece as the board slides past. Hook the notch on the push stick over the end of the board and use the stick to push the board past the bit at the end of the cut.

To avoid this, adjust the fence so the bit removes about two-thirds of the wood with the first pass. Photo 2 shows how to use a simple square push block to support your work square to the fence as you guide it past the bit. As seen in photo, we used a steel rule to align the laminate with the cutting edge of a straight bit mounted in the router. Then, with the router bit raised higher than necessary, I rest a small scrap on the top cutting edges and on one of the two drill bits.
I lower the router bit slowly until the other end of the scrap touches the second drill bit.

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