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From that one garbage pick up so far I have made the legs for the DIY wood bed frame and the reclaimed wood wall art in the guest bedroom.
You could easily make this same style frame with new wood, a 2 x 4 would be a similar dimension. Actually, a couple of friends helped me because the blade on my table saw didn’t come up high enough so they let me borrow their heavier duty table saw to make the cuts.
Speaking of friends, I emailed my friends at Ryobi and told them my idea to make some frames where I wanted the mirror to be set into the frame so the chunky reclaimed wood would sit flush on the wall so they sent me over their router to try out. I made some marks for where I wanted to router out on my test piece and measured how far from the actual cut the router guide sat to know where to clamp my straight edge in place.

For the top and bottom pieces of each mirror frame I couldn’t router straight from one end to the other, I needed to stop so the ends of the wood would sit flush with the sides of the frame. It didn’t take long to feel comfortable enough to make the actual router cuts on the reclaimed wood. For the 4 boards that would be the sides of the mirror frames I just ran them each through the table saw cutting out a little rectangle of wood.
Then just line up each frame, with the front side facing down, and mark where to drill your pocket holes. When we embrace our creativity, and fly on the wings of imagination, we fill our individual homes with joy, and we make our planet Earth the beautiful place that it is meant to be.

This will give u extra room as to accommodate the rustic irregularities of the reclaimed wood.
The frame is meant to be rustic looking, so even if it does not fit totally perfect, it can still look very nice! Center the old photo frame, flip them over carefully, hold the frames down, mark with a pencil and use plenty of hot glue to glue it to the wood frame.

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