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20.02.2015, admin  
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I’m going to show you step-by-step how easy it is to make new covers for those faded, time-worn, covered in bird poop and who knows what else, outdoor cushions! I prefer to use stripes or something with a geometric pattern to make cutting a straight line easier. I also like to use colors that are naturally found in nature for a more cohesive look. Next you’ll want to lay out your cushion so that folded over, the fabric covers the cushion from top to bottom.
Next you’ll need to put your cover back on the cushion (still inside out) and pin your two corner seams.

The stripe is so classic, though and it is really easy to sew with, so I’m  happy with how it turned out!
The fabric was on sale 50% off  at JoAnns on Memorial Day weekend and I had an additional 10% off coupon sent to me in the mail, so the total for covering all these cushions with Tax was only around $75!  One brand new cushion is at least $40!
This is only part one  of my sew-easy outdoor cushion lesson.  I kick it up a notch with my settee cushion covers in my entry foyer courtyard thing-a-ma- jig. There are so many choices when you are choosing fabric to make your own…a blessing and a curse!

I have new cushions now (because I afraid to make them), but next time I need (or want a new look) I have super directions that look easy enough for me to tackle!

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