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Once you have your pocket holes in order, use wood glue to assemble the frame into a square.
Once your square is all glued, drill kreg jig screws into your previously made pocket holes to secure the frame. I designed my frame to have spacers in order to give it a bit of dimension when hanging on a wall.
Next you’ll take a new piece of twine and weave it through the holes you drilled at the top of the frame.

A custom mirror frame can add tremendous impact to your home, and when you build it yourself, it can lend to giving you that warm and fuzzy DIY feeling for many, many years. A few years back when I first set out to leave my 9-5, I diversified my income efforts and channeled my energies into the production and sales of pretty barnwood picture frames. I used another small block for reference to make sure the screws were the same height as the spacer blocks in the corners. Take your twine and wrap it back and forth between the screw pegs you just created, forming three lines through the frame center.

Lumber for a DIY mirror frame can be sourced from anywhere, a salvage shop, an old wood crate, the lumberyard, or even from an old barn floor.
After your cuts, arrange your pieces for a preview of the square frame we’ll be assembling.

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